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Re: [NTB] Printing .otl files

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  • james.homme@highmark.com
    Hi, I think it is really asking you if you want to print the whole file. Jim Paul M. King on 04/29/2000 02:38:54 PM Please respond
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      I think it is really asking you if you want to print the whole file.

      "Paul M. King" <peking7@...> on 04/29/2000 02:38:54 PM

      Please respond to notetab@egroups.com

      To: notetab@egroups.com

      cc: (bcc: James D Homme/Contractor/Highmark)

      Subject: [NTB] Printing .otl files

      Hi List:

      I am accumulating cipher files as .otl files in Favorites.
      Cryptography is one of my hobbies.

      When I attempt to print one of these files, I get this message:

      "Print all Outline headings from C:\Program Files\
      Note Tab Pro\Outlines\ACA\Ciphers.otl?"

      This refers to the left hand column docked to the document pane.

      But what I really want to print is the document pane. What
      I have been doing is highlighting the entire document screen,
      then moving it to a new document file in order to print it.

      There must be a simpler way. Can anyone help?

      Paul King

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