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[NTB] Re: Rearranging Columns in NTP Table WAS: Excel toNTP Coversion?

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  • Jody
    Hi Sleepless in Seattle, ... It depends on where you set it from. If you do it from the Document menu on the main menu, then it only sets it for the currently
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2000
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      Hi Sleepless in Seattle,

      > Does the tab width setting affect only the file open when you
      > change the setting?

      It depends on where you set it from. If you do it from the
      Document menu on the main menu, then it only sets it for the
      currently focused document as it does with any of the options in
      that dialog. (Document | Properties.) The settings in it will
      override the settings in Options under the Document tab.

      From Help: Options | Document
      The options you set on this tab define the default document
      properties that will apply to all newly opened documents and
      those that have the Default option checked. You can define word
      wrap, automatic indentation, tabulator width, font name and size,

      Dos ASCII: This setting is only available in the Document
      Properties dialog box.

      > I found this under the help for "Document Properties:"

      Great, you are looking. ;)

      > Tab Units (only available in NoteTab Light/Std): Defines units
      > used for tab size.
      > Does that mean that I can't set my own tab stops in NTP, but
      > will have to run NT Standard in addition to running NTP?

      Yes sir, or NoteTab Light. I believe it is an input control
      thing causing the difference between Pro and Std/Light.

      > And what does it mean that the new tab setting is not in "real
      > time" on the open document?

      It means that Jody feel asleep at the wheel one dark-thirty in
      the AM. ;) What I am referring to is when I mentioned "real
      time" I had said that I thought you had to open a new document
      and paste the data in. Dummie me was not using the individual
      Document Properties overriding the global settings in Options. It
      was a few months back when I was playing with it. Anyway, if you
      go to Document | Properties from the main menu and change the tab
      width you will see it change right away, in "real time" like word
      wrapping to a specified column in NoteTab Pro. Std/Light on the
      other hand does not wrap in real time when column wrap is set and
      one has to use the Update column wrap to have the text wrap at
      the specified column.

      I hope that helped!

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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