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[NTB] Re: how to stop making backups of clipbooks

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  • Jody
    Hi Mark, ... I delete them with no hesitation - don t pass go, nor do I hang around to collect $200. They have a BIG FAT red X on them when present are
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 7 6:15 PM
      Hi Mark,

      > So what do you do with a BOO file anyway.

      I delete them with no hesitation - don't pass go, nor do I hang
      around to collect $200. They have a BIG FAT red X on them when
      present are removed when I see it glaring at me from 10 feet
      away. Gee, you think I'd build a clip to do it.

      > Can you double click on it to open it and see what it is?

      If you associate then with a program that can open text based
      files. Perhaps you should try NoteTab? :) Since they are not
      generated much though use your open dialog or in Windows Explorer
      drag/drop to the Taskbar or mark NoteTab to Stay on Top from the
      Titlebar, normal the window size, and drop the files in the edit
      window from Windows Explorer.

      > Can you copy it back to where it came from, overwriting
      > whatever generated it in the first place?

      Normally they are in the same folder as the most recent working
      file. If that is the case I would open it in NoteTab, the BOO
      file that is, and if it is what you want to restore do a Save As
      and answer "Yes" to the overwrite question. You might find it
      easier to move out the working copy (so you will have a none good
      backup preventing a reinstallation) and renaming the BOO to .clb.
      If you do a Save As over the working you will need to delete the
      BOO afterwards or do whatever pleases you.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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