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[NTB] Re: Binary Files (was A bug?)

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  • Jody
    Hi Michael, ... Try unchecking Read Only under the Document menu. NoteTab plays it safe for you so to speak so true binary files are note corrupted or if the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2000
      Hi Michael,

      > Occassionally when I attempt to load a file I've downloaded
      > from the internet (via ftp) I get a warning from NoteTab Pro
      > (the latest) that the file may be a binary file and that it's
      > converted a single character to a ^ (as I have it set in the
      > options). Although I can see the file, I cannot edit it.

      Try unchecking Read Only under the Document menu. NoteTab plays
      it safe for you so to speak so true binary files are note
      corrupted or if the file is used by another program/OS that needs
      the character. NoteTab Pro & Std has an Option under the Modify
      | Lines menu called Adjust Line Breaks that may help. You can
      also use Insert File... under the Documents menu.

      Adjust Line Breaks
      Use this command on documents (for example UNIX or Mac files)
      that do not display lines with standard carriage return + line
      feed characters.

      You can do a Save As... on the file (having your save options set
      to Windows/Dos) and the file will open like a pure Windows/Dos
      standard text file.

      You can also configure NoteTab to allow you to see the whole file
      and find your substitution character and delete it. Please be
      sure you understand NoteTab's help below before editing the file.
      I have normally found the character at the true end of the
      document in MAC files. I don't know about UNIX. Sometimes
      browsers will add some junk that will cause the same symptom.

      Filter Binary Codes
      By default, if you try to load a file that contains null
      characters (a character with a decimal value of 0), NoteTab will
      treat the first occurring null as the end of the file. This
      option lets you override this behavior by allowing NoteTab to
      substitute null characters with another character ­ defined in
      the "Substitute Binary Character" field. When set, you can load
      the full content of any type of file (including binaries).
      Important: saving files which have had characters substituted
      will not restore the control character! This option slows the
      loading of large files, so do not set it if you use only true
      text files.

      Warn Partial Loading: Warns if a file has only been partially
      loaded due to the presence of null characters. This option has no
      effect if "Filter Binary Codes" is set.

      Warn Binaries Substituted: Displays a warning message if binary
      characters have been substituted in the loaded document.

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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