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[NTB] Re: Browser not going topmost...

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  • lmhamilton@juno.com
    On Tue, 07 Dec 1999 15:06:10 +0100 Tryggve Stenlund ... It s not a problem, it s a feature ! ; ) Larry
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      On Tue, 07 Dec 1999 15:06:10 +0100 Tryggve Stenlund <tryggve@...>
      > Sounds funny MS refixes new Windows98 "features" with IE5. It think
      > it
      > looks more like they have taught IE5 to throw anything off top that
      > Windows itself can't lower for some obscure reason.
      > >From the postings there are obviously a number of manifestations
      > of problems in the "top dance".
      > Does anybody know if these problems exist in Windows 2000 as well?

      It's not a problem, it's a "feature"! ; )

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