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[NTB] Re: one of many instances?

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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi tf, ... manager I use has an edit new ... But it keeps on loading new ... send new documents to just one of ... You can create a shortcut that opens a
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 1999
      Hi tf,

      At 10:10 PM 7/31/1999 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hey all,
      >Can I force one instance of notetab to be a single instance? The file
      manager I use has an "edit new"
      >feature (probably explorer does too) that sends whatever.file to notetab.
      But it keeps on loading new
      >I have multiple instances running. I like multiple instances. But can I
      send new documents to just one of

      You can create a shortcut that opens a single instance copy of NoteTab. It
      is possible to have one and only one single instance copy of NoteTab
      running at one time but you can have many, many copies of the multi
      instance version running with it. If you create the single instance
      shortcut, you can send your files to it and they will all be opened only in
      the one copy. The only problem is that your "edit new" feature must be set
      to the special shortcut you create. Explorer uses the "SendTo" feature
      from the mouse right=click button menu.

      Copy your shortcut to NTP. Now rename the new shortcut to a special name
      to indicate it is a single instance version of NTP. Now right-click on the
      shortcut and select properties. On the properties dialog, you will see
      "Target" and in that box you will see the pathname to NoteTab. Do not
      delete this item but edit it to add /INI=filename to the end of it and
      replace filename with the name of a new version of the NoteTab ini file
      that you create. Create the new ini file by copying NoteTab's old file and
      renaming the copy to the same name you used in /INI=filename.

      Now you are ready to make the shortcut into a single instance version.
      Simply open a copy of NoteTab using the new shortcut. Select View from the
      menu and uncheck Multiple Instances then shutdown that copy of NoteTab.
      That will make that copy come up as a single instance copy everytime you
      start it. Your other shortcut will come up as a multi instance copy when
      you start it. Every file you want to send to a single instance of NoteTab,
      you just send to the single instance shortcut.

      Again. this works with Explorer's "SendTo" function. You have to get your
      "Edit New" function to use the single instance shortcut for it to work for


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