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[NTB] Re: typing in Chinese

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  • Nick Noakes
    Thanks very much for this Jody. Nick ... _____________________________ Nick Noakes email: lcnoakes@ust.hk web: http://lc.ust.hk/ ICQ: 2629420
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 31, 1999
      Thanks very much for this Jody.


      At 09:18 AM 7/30/99 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hi Nick,
      > > I have a colleague using NTB lite in Chinese Windows to create
      > > webpages in Chinese. When she is typing, the characters are
      > > Chinese but when she re-opens the file later, they are not any
      > > more (although they are still read as Chinese when loaded into
      > > a web browser) which makes editing a real pain. Does anyone
      > > know how I can help my colleague solve this problem?
      >I suspect she changed her font in Options under the Document tab
      >which is a global setting and is called the "Default" after she
      >made the file. Have her change the font on the Main menu under
      >Document/Font... to the Chinese font she used and see if that
      >corrects her font problem. If so, have her make a "dummy change"
      >to the document so she is able to save it by the individual
      >document setting. Document/Font... is used for each individual
      >document and overrides the default setting found in Options under
      >the Document tab.


      Nick Noakes
      email: lcnoakes@...
      web: http://lc.ust.hk/
      ICQ: 2629420
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