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[NTB] Re: I'm writing a review and inviting comments

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  • Jody
    Hi Phil, Replying from Nicole s post: (Users new to NoteTab may want to read, Here are some of the more loved features of NoteTab: below.) ... Yes, some of
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 30, 1999
      Hi Phil,

      Replying from Nicole's post:

      (Users new to NoteTab may want to read, "Here are some of the more
      loved features of NoteTab:" below.)

      > some of us are very basic users, some of us use ntp in a more
      > wacky way (not only what it is designed for)

      Yes, some of us make NoteTab do some "wacky" things pushing it to
      its limits doing things it was not designed to do - but hey - if
      it gets the job done... As a lot of us on the lists know,
      especially the Clips List, NoteTab can do many, many things
      because of the Clipbook language that other editors cannot.

      > The language has increased so much since Version 2.63 - I have
      > to admit I don't know everything anymore.

      It is loaded! It is hard to keep it with it all at times and we
      still find a few small hidden jewels not documented. That is not
      to say the documentation is not any good though, because it
      better than most programs.

      > - ws ftp, ftp programm...

      And *many* more applications are greatly enhanced thanks to
      NoteTab's Clipbook language. It has saved me a *tremendous*
      amount of time.

      >What do I like else?
      >- Notetab is nearly complete configurable by the user.
      > (it does *not* tell me what I should do)

      That is *one* of the many great things about NoteTab. Not only
      is the program itself very configurable, but once again, the
      Clipbook language allows one to create documents the way he wants
      them formatted and not the way some programmer thinks you should
      do it!!!

      Here are some of the more loved features of NoteTab:

      The Quick List (with many ways of viewing files) and options like
      drag/drop into the focused document, adding html code like images
      tags with file size added, and more... Right click over the main
      Quick List window for a menu. (Press F6 to view Quick List - see
      Help also.)

      The Favorites feature allows the user to add his favourite files
      to open quickly. I keep my default do it lets me open Windows
      Explorer to directories. It has some nice features and easy to

      The Paste Board is a very popular feature and quite useful in
      gathering text from other applications like browsers or even from
      another document in NoteTab. In the older days we would use it
      in Clips when extracting text from a document, but with the more
      recent codes available I haven't seen it used as much for that

      Users enjoy programmable templates. The Clipbook scripting
      language can be used there as well as in Clipbooks and what is
      called "Far Clips" which are not in a Library, but a closed file
      that is called (without being seen).

      Some Clipbook Libraries are there already to help somebody get
      started with Clip programming which is not that difficult to
      learn. Some of the scripts that users have written are very
      powerful and quite amazing in the awesome tasks they perform.

      The maths capabilities are great for students, accountants, and
      programmers, even this dummy uses it for simple math and in my
      Clips when needed for cursor movement or to find its location. :)

      The Toolbar and Shortcut menus are well liked for their ease of
      use. There are over 90 tools that can be configured.

      The are some of the Find and Replace features. They also can be
      used in Clips so one can do multiple replace operations at one

      All Documents
      Whole Word
      Case Sensitive
      Regular Expressions (Improved in upcoming 4.62)
      Option to "Find Word at Cursor"
      Tokens may be used for Line Breaks, Tabs, etc. ^p, ^t
      - When seen in documents they may be searched for with ^^p, ^^t
      Count occurrences (In Replace dialog)
      - Remembers up to 15 previous search critera.

      Search Disk is great!!! It is very fast and has the Confirm
      feature in all versions to help prevent the user from messing up
      many files. This also supports regular expressions and searches
      sub-directories if one wants.

      Although perl and gawk are not part of NoteTab they are supported
      and there are Clipbook Libraries available to use with them.

      I haven't checked lately, but I suspect there are a couple dozen or
      more web pages devoted to NoteTab. http://www.notetab.com/links.htm

      NoteTab is also loaded with many little goodies that are not
      readily seen unless one goes through the whole Menubar and all
      the commands and functions. There are many "secrets" found on
      the Content menu in many places. As I like to say, "Become a
      mouse clickin' fool over everything." The program is enriched
      with keyboard shortcuts as well.

      > Last point: The community.

      NoteTabber's a wonderful bunch of people! the support on the
      lists is excellent and one can learn many ways of doing things.
      Eric has been very supportive all the way from the early days. He
      cannot be as active as before though. A record in the past was
      over 2000 eMails in 2 days. Support@... is great too, so
      I am told. :-) I never tried it myself though. <bg>

      NoteTab is easy to use (for the basic features) and a program one
      can grow with as one user stated something like, "NoteTab is a
      program you grow with."

      Happy NoteTabbin',
      Jody Adair

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page
      NoteTab Home Page - Go Pro.....


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    • Eric G.V. Fookes
      Thanks to all of you who have responded to Phil s request. I had much pleasure in reading your comments and appreciated the time you took to write them.
      Message 2 of 7 , Jul 1, 1999
        Thanks to all of you who have responded to Phil's request. I had much
        pleasure in reading your comments and appreciated the time you took to
        write them.

        Eric Fookes
        NoteTab v4.6a available from
        http://www.notetab.com and http://www.notetab.ch


        eGroups.com home: http://www.egroups.com/group/notetab
        http://www.egroups.com - Simplifying group communications
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