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[NTB] Re: spaces and searching

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  • Patrick Caussat
    ... In the Search command, use : hello *guys (without the quotes), and choose the regular expression option. That means : search hello and one or more
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 28, 1999
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      > I'm searching a huge document for an exact phrase of "hello guys" and in
      > the text it appears to be " hello guys" (3 or more spaces between the
      > two words). Consequently, no matches are found. Is it possible to do
      > something in NoteTab that could be called "strip enlarged spaces to normal
      > length" ?

      In the "Search" command, use : "hello *guys" (without the quotes),
      and choose the "regular expression" option.
      That means : search "hello" and "one or more spaces" and "guys"
      or more generally the star means (in regular expression) : one or
      more preceding characters.


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