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  • Jody
    Hi Len and All, Please read the first section here if you do not want to read this post. The rest explains why we need to keep the discussion to NoteTab in
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 23, 1999
      Hi Len and All,

      Please read the first section here if you do not want to read this
      post. The rest explains why we need to keep the discussion to
      NoteTab in reply to Len's post.

      There are a few things we have to continually mention and there
      are reasons why we do which have mentioned quite a few times, but
      I will not go into that other than to mention what they are:

      1. No attachments
      2. Delete text that is not needed to understand your reply
      3. Keep the discussion to NoteTab
      4. Do not post Clips to the Basic List

      > I don't see how helping those who need advice using their
      > computers more efficiently could be bad for NT. [NoteTab]

      We are nearing 400 members now. That is approximately 100 more
      than it would have been had we kept posting Clips to the Basic
      list. I don't make up these rules to be a hard nose or for the
      fun of it. It is not the easiest job trying to keep everybody
      reasonably happy.

      I have run over a half dozen lists now for 2-3 years and have out
      found some things that help make them run smoother. One is to
      keep the list discussion to whatever the list is made up for.
      With 400 members and an "anything goes list" we would have a mess
      on our hands in no time. Many people would sign off before you
      know it. Rules like I have in the Welcome Letter (that are not
      always read) would have to be made if one wanted a list again.

      People sign on mailing lists, because they want to get info about
      what the list is designed for. A large percentage of them do not
      want a lot of extra mail about different topics. It is not fair
      to them for us to send them non related material. They normally
      get frustrated and sign off the list.

      I am certainly all for helping somebody with any problem I can.
      The problem is if somebody posts a non related question it in
      turn can branch out to who knows how many posts on one or more
      threads (a group of posts under the same subject header).

      We cannot be everything to everybody unfortunately, especially on
      a list this size. Now, the Ntb-HTML list is a different story,
      because it has a small amount of members, at the present, I will
      give more liberty on it.

      I really don't like making these kind of posts either, because
      they only open the door for more comment that most people don't
      want to hear. They want NoteTab discussion and that's it.

      So, that is an invitation to write me in private eMail at anytime
      if you disagree with this post or any other posts I need to make
      in the future. Thank you for your support!

      Happy NoteTabbin',
      Jody Adair

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