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  • Jody
    Hi All, First, there is a glitch in the mailing list. If you get a post back saying your post was sent to the moderator, just ignore it. I ll will approve it
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 1999
      Hi All,

      First, there is a glitch in the mailing list. If you get a
      post back saying your post was sent to the moderator, just
      ignore it. I'll will approve it as soon as I get it. There
      may be delay of course since I do sleep. :)

      Secondly, the Advanced list has changed names. It is now
      called "The NoteTab Clip List" with the subject prefix,
      [Clip]. We hope that this will improve our two lists for a
      couple reasons.

      We have tried in the past to keep the basic list just for
      basic or general questions about the use of NoteTab, but we,
      me included, start posting some fairly complicated clips in
      the sense of a basic list. It is also possible that people
      shy away from signing on to the Advanced list because of the

      I understand it is hard to answer some of the "basic"
      questions asking how to do something when it involves a clip,
      especially when the user asks for one. Therefore when you
      need a clip made or have questions on how to do certain things
      with a clip, please post to the Clip List. The address remains
      the same for the time being which see below.

      Instead of having a flat "No Clips" rule to the basic list
      though (I'm probably asking for trouble:) lets give it a trial
      to post *very* simple clips that would fall under, say, ver. 263.
      Here are some examples:

      ^!Toolbar New Document
      ^?[Print my name=Jody]

      Now since this post has not been see by you at the time of
      its writing and for your convenience, here is a clip - haha
      - to help you sign on-off quickly. It uses MAPI from NoteTab
      to your MAPI program. You can only check one box at a time
      if you want it to work. :) Watch for long lines in the script
      - they all start off with "^!" or ":". Send the post empty,
      only with the address in it. Other subscription info follows.

      With Larry's suggestion - took me a few mintues to see what
      he was talking about. :)

      ---- Copy below the line to above the next dashed line -------
      H=NTB Mail Lists
      ^!SetWizardTitle [Un]Subscribe to a NoteTab List:
      ^!SetWizardLabel This clip uses MAPI - pick one:
      ^!Set %List%=^?{==_Clip List: Subscribe^=1|Basic List:
      Subscribe^=2|Clip List: UnSubscribe^=3|Basic List: UnSubscribe^=4}

      ^!IfSame "^%List%" "1" SubClip else Next
      ^!IfSame "^%List%" "2" NoteTab else Next
      ^!IfSame "^%List%" "3" UnSubClip else Next
      ^!IfSame "^%List%" "4" UnNoteTab

      ^!EMail ntb-advanced-Subscribe@...
      ^!Goto End

      ^!EMail NoteTab-Subscribe@...
      ^!Goto End

      ^!EMail ntb-advanced-UnSubscribe@...
      ^!Goto End

      ^!EMail NoteTab-UnSubscribe@...
      ---- Right Click over a Library and choose "Add from Clipboard ------

      Just send an empty post using anyone of the following methods:

      The NoteTab Basic List

      The NoteTab Clip List

      Remember, you can set your mail options on the web at
      eGroups.com who has a link at the bottom of every post.

      Happy NoteTabbin',
      Jody Adair

      The NoteTabbers' Assistant Page

      eGroup home: http://www.eGroups.com/list/notetab
      Free Web-based e-mail groups by eGroups.com
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