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[NTB] NoteAwk Version 4

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  • Wayne VanWeerthuizen
    N O T E A W K V E R S I O N 4 NoteAwk is a clipbook for NoteTab Pro or NoteTab Std. It currently contains over two dozen different clips for a variety of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 1999
      N O T E A W K V E R S I O N 4

      NoteAwk is a clipbook for NoteTab Pro or NoteTab Std. It currently
      contains over two dozen different clips for a variety of tasks.

      Here is just a sample of some of the tasks NoteAwk can perform.

      * Find Lines Matching a Pattern This clip will search through documents
      line by line, and extract all the lines that contain a certain string or
      regular expression. It is like having the UNIX grep utility built into

      * Search and Replace NoteAwk has three different Search and Replace
      clips, each for different situations. With these clips, you can replace
      text that occurs BETWEEN specified text strings. You can also replace
      numeric sequences. You can include part of the matched text inside the
      replacement string. The clips are general purpose and allow many
      different variations on how they are used.

      * Sort using GNU Sort This is a clip interface allowing one to access
      all the features of the GNU Sort utility. While NoteTab does have its
      own sort utility built-in, this utility is much more powerful. For one,
      you can sort based on text in the middle of each line, not just at the
      beginning. It can also sort in numerical order. Programs the only sort
      alphabetically will sort numbers incorrectly: 102, 11, 2, 2333, 35.

      * Sort Fields Per Each Line Instead of sorting the lines in a file,
      sometimes one needs to sort individual items on each line. This clip
      will do that.

      * Clips are included for using your own gawk or Perl scripts with
      NoteTab. A special feature is the ability to apply a script to multiple
      input files. NoteAwk's handling of Perl scripts has recently been

      * Clips are also included for some more "playful" tasks: ROT-13 encoding
      text, reversing a line or text, reversing the order of lines in a
      document, and converting to and from Roman numerals.

      * Read a disk directory (folder contents) into a NoteTab document.

      NoteAwk comes with a user manual in NoteTab's outline format.

      NoteAwk requires external utilities for many of its tasks. The GNU sort
      utility is included. Gawk will need to be downloaded separately, but is
      very easy to install. Perl is only needed if you plan to write your own
      Perl scripts.

      For more information about NoteAwk visit my web page at:


      All the items on my web page are Freeware.

      Wayne M. VanWeerthuizen
      ICQ: 15117288
      Homepage: http:/landru.myhome.net/wayne

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