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[NTB] Re: Inconsistency in text selection

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  • Roger Williams
    ... Well, I *noticed* it of course, but didn t realize the thought that went into it. You re quite right, of course. ... Talk about going the second mile!
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 22, 1999
      Larry Thomas wrote (quoting me):

      > >Plus all the other "sharp" signs that were in the release to
      > >begin with! <g> Don't worry, there are very, very few of these...
      > >which makes your suggestion perfectly viable in most cases. Much
      > >appreciated.
      > >
      > Sorry Roger but I think that you missed the point that I used a TWO
      > character tag (#-) not the sharp sign alone. The one failure that might
      > occur is if you have something in the release that contains #- in it. You
      > could use the following clip for a whole release and if the #- tag is not
      > desireable you can try another, say ##-# which is a 4 character tag and is
      > very very unlikely to show up in any release.

      Well, I *noticed* it of course, but didn't realize the thought
      that went into it. You're quite right, of course.

      > The following clip also
      > allows you to select another indent size if you wish. I suggest you try it
      > out on a dummy text file that you create with various combinations of
      > quotes and # characters in it and see what happens. I really do believe
      > that this will work for you. I have tried this very thing and all of the
      > quotes and # characters were retained in the end result.
      > ---------< start clip >---------
      > H="Fix Indent"
      > ^!JUMP DOC_START
      > ^!SET %ROW%=1
      > ^!SET %INDENT%=^?{INDENT=}
      > :LOOP
      > ^!REPLACE " >> #- HAS
      > ^!REPLACE #- >> " hAS
      > ^!INC %ROW%
      > ^!JUMP +1
      > ^!IF ^$GETROW$ <> ^%ROW% EXIT ELSE LOOP
      > ---------< end clip >-----------

      Talk about going the second mile! Thanks a lot... I have some
      more E-mail to answer right now, but will test this out ASAP.
      Looks geat.


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