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[NTB] Millennium Counter Corrected

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  • Len
    Hello All; Found a problem with 30 day months.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 1999
      Hello All;

      Found a problem with 30 day months. <:-)
      Changed ^!Skip to ^!GoTo Skip
      Here is a corrected copy of the millennium count-down
      counter I posted a while back. This seems to work OK.


      ;---- Type xxx to exit. ----

      ^!If ^[m^] <> 2 Skip_2
      ^!Set %days%=28
      ^!GoTo finish

      ^!IfFalse ^$StrPos("^[mm^]";"04 06 09 11";False)$ Skip_2
      ^!Set %days%=30
      ^!GoTo Skip
      ^!Set %days%=31

      ^!IfFalse ^$StrPos("xxx";"^$GetLine$";False)$ Next Else leave
      ^!SetScreenUpdate Off

      ;---- The following is one long line ----
      ^!StatusShow The parties peak in ^$[99-^$GetDate(y)$;0] years, ^$[12-^$GetDate(m)$;0] mons, ^$[^%days%-^$GetDate(d)$;0] days, ^$[23-^$GetDate(hh)$;0] hrs, ^$[59-^$GetDate(nn)$;0] mins, ^$[59-^$GetDate(ss)$;0] secs

      ^!SetScreenUpdate On
      ^!Delay 9
      ^!GoTo finish

      ^!Select -3
      ^!Toolbar Cut
      ^!GoTo ^?{Save Document==Yes^=Next|_No^=Skip}
      ^!GoTo Exit

      Happy Holidays for one last day, Len
      Leonard O. Hargrove, Jr.
      Avionics Systems Engineer
      E-Mail: Len <mjlohj@...>

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