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[NTB] Re: Newbie Question ....

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  • Raymond Fitzgerald
    Hi Bill, ... Why don t you give us a few sample lines?--well, I see Jody just gave you some suggestions. ... The only actual tutorial I m aware of is Grandma
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 2, 1998
      Hi Bill,

      >any suggestions on how to capture them into a webpage .. ??
      Why don't you give us a few sample lines?--well, I see Jody just gave you
      some suggestions.

      >where is the best place to take a tutorial on using ..... notetab pro ...??

      The only actual tutorial I'm aware of is Grandma Kay's "Introduction to
      NoteTab 4.5 Clip Programming." at http://notetab.kay.net Costs just $5 and
      it's well worth it!

      Here are a few more ideas:

      I assume you'll stay on this list. There's a great bunch of experienced and
      helpful members we all learn from.

      Whenever anyone posts a sample clip, copy and paste it into a test clipbook
      library of yours and see how it works. Also experiment with Eric's sample
      clips provided with NoteTab. Get other libraries contributed by users at
      http://www.notetab.com/libraries.htm. For a further smorgasborg of clips,
      visit Jody's clip page at:

      Get Wayne's Notetab Reference at
      http://Othello.localaccess.com/waynemv/notetab.htm. It's a clip reference in
      an outline document. Check out the cross-references for the commands and
      functions--really helpful! While you're on Wayne's page, also download his
      Button Mazes game. Come on--has anyone finished the game yet?

      Grandma Kay's NoteTab Tips & Clips archive at
      http://www.freedom.n-i.com/notetab/ is a must! Every issue contains at least
      one tip and one clip. Seventeen issues since July. Sorry to hear it's been

      Ray Fitz
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