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[NTB] Almost Gone

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  • Kay Roath
    For those who haven t been getting the newsletter, I m moving (rather suddenly) & won t be on as much for awhile. Just so you won t forget me :), my latest
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 1998
      For those who haven't been getting the newsletter, I'm moving
      (rather suddenly) & won't be on as much for awhile.

      Just so you won't forget me :), my latest project is at
      It's a NoteTab reference clipbook (syntax & clip related help
      mostly). You need a BIG monitor since it uses wizards. I
      probably won't be able to do much more with it until after the
      first of the year. Please don't link to it or distribute it
      for now.

      We'll be leaving in a little bit (for a couple of days). Thanks
      so much to everyone who's sent good luck wishes!

      --- Grandma Kay ---
      Introduction to NoteTab 4,5 Clip Programming

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