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[NTB] Re: Allow Multiple Instances problem

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  • Kay Roath
    24.11.1998 2:30 PM djust@netvision.net.il wrote ... from other html message that s too big a mess to try to reply to using TheBat - ... They are sort-of
    Message 1 of 13 , Nov 24, 1998
      24.11.1998 2:30 PM djust@... wrote

      >> I had problems before when I had a backup .ini file underneathe my
      >> folder. Once I took it out all was OK. If you have them both
      >> installed under one parent directory, try drag/dropping one of the
      >> elsewhere.
      > Nope. The three of them are completely independent, in 3
      > different subdirectories of Win95 c:\program files\ .

      from other html message that's too big a mess to try to
      reply to using TheBat -
      >I don't understand this: I thought that each NoteTab was
      >completely self-contained, no registry entries or proprietary dlls,
      >so that they shouldn't even know of each other's existence.

      They are sort-of independent. Once you load a 2nd instance of
      any NoteTab, you're in multiple instance mode regardless of how
      your .ini is set. It's got something to do with how it's set up
      in memory rather than dll's or registry entries. If you're trying
      to test stuff, you need to only have the one you're testing open.
      Associations seem to be version independent only when there is no
      instance open. If one or more instances are open, the last instance
      seems to deal with an associated file regardless of which .exe is
      set in the association.

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