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[NTB] Re: Project Manager - An Overview

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  • Wayne M. VanWeerthuizen
    ... What I really want to see, is other clip programmer s learning and using these techniques. When I download clipbooks from other people, I d like to find
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1 10:52 PM
      "R.S." <rcsilv@...> wrote:

      >This should give you an idea of the inner workings of the code that creates
      >the Wizard for the Main Menu. There is much more to it, as you'll discover
      >if you study it carefully. Wayne M. VanWeerthuizen's expertise on Wizards
      >is shown here once again.

      What I really want to see, is other clip programmer's learning and using
      these techniques. When I download clipbooks from other people, I'd like
      to find the Wizards and other user-interface components be easy to use
      and robust.

      >I also want to refer to the format used to store information in the INI
      >file, which will make understanding the mechanics of the program easier.
      >Here's how the INI entries are structured.

      By the way, manually modifying Project Managers INI file keys is NOT
      recommended. The program can get very confused if things are not
      done exactly right. In the example below R.S. mentioned some keys
      you could add to your INI file. But, since he forget some important
      details, his fix (as he gave it) will not work.

      >Here's what the entries would be like for a Project that opens all backup
      >files in the NoteTab folder:
      > WMV-PM.7.1="C:\Program Files\NoteTab\*.bak"
      > WMV-PM.7-1STWINDOW="1"
      > WMV-PM.7-NUMFILES="1"
      >You can use this example as a template in your INI file, just increase the
      >Number_of_Projects entry by one:
      > WMV-PM.Number_of_Projects="(n+1)"
      >and replace the number 7 for the new value, i.e. (n+1).

      What he forgot was:

      WMV-PM.7="Open backup files"
      WMV-PM._Open backup files="7"

      The names given in these two keys must EXACTLY match, including case.

      Again, I say, "manually editing the INI keys is not recommended!"

      >One feature I especially like is that to open a project you just need to
      >double-click on it, thanks to the fact that Open is the default option in
      >the main menu. You can also double click on an option to execute it for the
      >selected project. No need to click OK. [ Special acknowledgments to Eric
      >for having implemented this.]

      I also thank Eric for having implemented the double-click. It is a very
      convenient shortcut in the wizards.

      And thanks to R.S. for the great review. I just hope it wasn't too
      technical for the Basic list. ;-)

      Wayne M. VanWeerthuizen
      ICQ: 15117288
      Homepage: http://www2.localaccess.com/waynemv


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