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[NTB] Re: Bug Wizard Width

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  • Kay Roath
    27.09.1998 12:18 PM Eric G.V. Fookes wrote ... Streching the width works but here s the whole deal: Aaron wrote a really neat clip that will index a file. It
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 27, 1998
      27.09.1998 12:18 PM Eric G.V. Fookes wrote
      > ..... If you strech the window so the full length is visible, then
      > you should be able to see both items.

      Streching the width works but here's the whole deal:
      Aaron wrote a really neat clip that will index a file. It will be in
      the next newsletter. We've been working on it & came up with another
      clip that will let you take something like:
      Name: ....
      Comments: ....
      etc for a text database | index on Name or Comments or whatever |
      wizard shows list of entries | select & access. The one we've got
      now also saves the list info to a file so you don't have to index
      all the time BUT the wizard that shows you the saved info includes
      the file & that makes it too long | drag wizard area so you can
      work with it | select your list - it calls the referenced file &
      displays the index where you expand the box again if there are
      long entries | access your record | repeat wizard | drag some more
      & on & on. Makes a great clip a big hassle!

      By the way, it's the width that you have to expand. Height just gives
      you a blank area below the wizard list. With 2 long entries, I see 1/2
      of the first one with a little tiny scroll bar on the right which barely
      allows enough room to click but when I can manage to scroll down, all I
      get is half of a blank line so there's no way to get to #2 in the list
      without expanding the wizard width. Once I get beyond 2 entries, I see
      the first entry & most of the 2nd & can scroll to select any of them.
      It's usable once you get to that point & I could do a work-around to chop
      my entries so it would display better but presumably, I'm not the only
      one who might pick up large text items from a file & try to put them into
      wizard lists.

      --- Grandma Kay


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