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Re: catching output

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  • Jody Adair
    Hi Jayson, ... Try something like this: ^!Info ^$GetDosOutput( ^## )$ ^!Info ^$GetDosOutput( ^$GetPath(Drive: Path)$^$GetFileName(File.ext)$ )$ From help:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 23, 1998
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      Hi Jayson,

      >...is there a way to capture the output from an external
      >application and to display it in an info box? with the

      >^!DOS javac ^$GetFileName(^$GetIndexDocName(^$GetDocIndex$)$)$
      >I can compile just fine but when trying to capture the
      >output I always get a message saying the command "javac
      >myFile.java" did not produce any output.

      Try something like this:

      ^!Info ^$GetDosOutput("^##")$
      ^!Info ^$GetDosOutput("^$GetPath(Drive:\Path)$^$GetFileName(File.ext)$")$

      From help:


      Returns output from DOS command. "Command" represents
      command to execute. The stderr stream is saved in file
      called "StdError.err" in NoteTab's application directory
      unless another file is specified with the SetStdErrorName
      command. This command is only available in the commercial
      and trial versions of NoteTab.

      Happy NoteTabbin',


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