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Re: [NTB] Solarized colors in NoteTab

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  • Bobodod
    MC, thanks much for your reply! I ll tinker with it.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 11, 2013
      MC, thanks much for your reply! I'll tinker with it.

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Marcelo Bastos <bytext@...> wrote:
      > Interviewed by CNN on 27/03/2013 14:12, Bobodod told the world:
      > > Has anyone tried getting the Solarized color scheme set up in NoteTab? Is there an easy way to do it and then replicate it across installations?
      > Well, you can do it by editing the Notetab.ini / Notepro.ini directly.
      > However, you can't do it directly from inside Notetab itself. One way is
      > to work with a copy and then replace it with Notetab closed. Another is
      > to use a different text editor (like Windows Notepad) to do the editing
      > (with Notetab closed also).
      > I always forget the exact way to do it, but there's also a trick for
      > saving the notetab.ini file with a slightly different name (I think it
      > was notetab!.ini/notepro!.ini, but I'm probably wrong); next time
      > Notetab starts up, if it finds that file it will rename it to
      > notetab.ini/notepro.ini replacing the old one.
      > Anyway... first step is to replace the "CustomColors" line in the .ini
      > file with this:
      > CustomColors=ColorA=362B00,ColorB=423607,ColorC=756E58,ColorD=837B65,ColorE=969483,ColorF=A1A193,ColorG=D5E8EE,ColorH=E3F6FD,ColorI=0089B5,ColorJ=164BCB,ColorK=2F32DC,ColorL=8236D3,ColorM=C4716C,ColorN=D28B26,ColorO=98A12A,ColorP=009985
      > That will give you the Solarized palette in the colour picker, which
      > makes it far easier to experiment.
      > I'm still experimenting with colour combinations for the highlights, so
      > I don't have a ready-made colour profile to suggest.
      > Anyway, I was looking into ways to use the Solarized palette with CSS. I
      > quickly noticed that working with sixteen custom colours is going to be
      > a bitch. The example CSS file, however, uses SCSS, which is a set of
      > extensions to CSS syntax that, among other things, allow for
      > used-defined constants, making the job far easier. (More details in
      > http://sass-lang.com/ )
      > The problem is that the SCSS compiler needs Ruby installed. That's a bit
      > of overkill for me, and I don't need the full SCSS feature set anyway --
      > just the ability to work with user-defined constants. I started writing
      > a clip to do the necessary search & replace automatically, but then it
      > occurred to me that such a think might be already available somewhere.
      > So... does anyone know of a clip (even a very incomplete, limited one)
      > to convert between SCSS and CSS?
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      > MCBastos
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