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NoteTab 7.1 now available

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  • Eric Fookes
    Hi everyone, I m pleased to announce the release of NoteTab 7.1. If you have version 7 or 7.01, I recommend that you update your copy to this release. If you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2012
      Hi everyone,

      I'm pleased to announce the release of NoteTab 7.1. If you have version
      7 or 7.01, I recommend that you update your copy to this release.

      If you have the paid edition of version 7, you can download the new
      update through NoteTab's "Check for Updates" feature, which is available
      from the Help menu.

      Otherwise, simply download NoteTab 7.1 from this page:

      Here's a list of the main changes since version 7.01:

      * Updated Bootstrap library to version 2.1.1.

      * When using Close All Documents, the confirmation prompt is now only
      displayed if you have more than five documents open.

      * Fixed occasional failure to scroll last line into view.

      * Fixed an issue with synchronizing the search-type option in Find and
      Replace dialogs after using the Search Disk feature.

      * Fixed UTF-8 character issues in Utilities.clb library.

      * Using Calculate Expression on a selected column of numbers no longer
      replaces the selection. The value is now displayed in a dialog.

      * Calculate Expression now analyses the expression to determine how to
      format digit grouping and how many decimals should be used in the
      answer. Examples:
      3000 + 6000 = 9000
      3,000 + 6,000 = 9,000
      3000 + 7000 = 10,000
      3,000.00 + 6,000.00 = 9000
      3,000.01 + 6,000.00 = 9,000.01
      300000 + 600000 = 900000

      * Calculate Expression and ^$Calc now try to determine the decimal and
      digit grouping symbols from the expression. They will use the Windows
      default symbols if they can’t resolve the symbols. As a result,
      Calculate Expression and ^$Calc now work even when symbols don’t match
      your Windows defaults. Examples:
      23,456.78 / 2 = 11,728.39
      23.456,78 / 2 = 11.728,39
      23'456,78 / 2 = 11'728,39
      0,999 + 1 = 1,999
      Symbols can’t be determined in the following expressions so NoteTab uses
      the Windows defaults to resolve them in this case:

      * Calculate Expression and ^$Calc: with numbers under 10000, a digit
      grouping symbol is only inserted if it has a decimal symbol or if the
      source expression uses digit grouping on such numbers.

      * Fixed an error in formatting digit grouping in negative numbers when
      using Calculate Expression and ^$Calc.

      * ^$Calc no longer accepts defining invalid decimal and digit grouping
      symbols. Invalid symbols are ignored. If no decimal and digit grouping
      symbols are defined, NoteTab will try to determine them from the
      expression or use the Windows default symbols.

      * ^$GetDateFromInt now supports numbers with digit grouping symbols.

      * ^$IsNumber now supports an optional parameter to specify decimal and
      digit grouping symbols:
      ^$IsNumber(Value[;Decimal and digit grouping symbol])$
      If you leave out the symbols parameter, NoteTab accepts valid numbers
      using regional number symbols from your Windows settings as well as
      other regions. Any symbols you specify must match those that appear in
      the number. Examples:
      ^$IsNumber(12,345.67)$ -> 1
      ^$IsNumber(12,345.67;".,")$ -> 1
      ^$IsNumber(12,345.67;".")$ -> 0
      ^$IsNumber(12345.67;".")$ -> 1
      ^$IsNumber(12,345.67;",.")$ -> 0
      ^$IsNumber(12.345,67;",.")$ -> 1
      ^$IsNumber(12,345.67;"")$ -> 0

      * ^!If now correctly handles numbers with digit grouping symbols as well
      as real numbers (with decimals).

      * Several other minor issues fixed.



      Eric Fookes
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