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Re: [NTB] The $5 "find your registration fee" is a load of crap....

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  • Christopher Chaltain
    No one wants to pay $5 if they don t have to, but Fookes s policy on this seems pretty clear and well documented to me. Furthermore, I ve seen similar
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 3, 2011
      No one wants to pay $5 if they don't have to, but Fookes's policy on
      this seems pretty clear and well documented to me. Furthermore, I've
      seen similar arrangements for other software, particularly for my cell
      phone, so this isn't unique. Here's what it says in Notetab's FAQ at
      http://www.notetab.com/faq.php#reinstalling, and I'm pretty sure the
      extended download warranty was offered to me when I purchased Notetab Pro.

      Re-installing NoteTab and lost licenses
      Q. I have lost my license key. How can I re-install NoteTab?

      A. NoteTab doesn't use license keys. The paid version is a different
      program file from the trial version. If you still have the retail Setup
      program for
      NoteTab, then simply install it to get up and running again.

      Q. The download link has expired and I need to download again.

      A. Download links expire after a couple of days and/or after a couple of
      download attempts. Unless you purchased an Extended Download Warranty,
      you should
      always keep a backup copy of the retail Setup file off your computer so
      that you can reinstall whenever necessary. See the next questions for
      more information.

      Q. I bought an Extended Download Warranty. How can I re-activate my
      download link?

      A. You will find the "Re-activate Download" instructions in the receipt
      email that was sent to you when you purchased an Extended Download
      Warranty along
      with your NoteTab license. If you chose not to buy an Extended Download
      Warranty, then it is your responsibility to make a back-up copy of the
      retail NoteTab
      Setup file off your computer and keep it in a safe location.

      Q. I lost my retail Setup program. How can I get a new copy?

      A. If you still have a working version of NoteTab 4.95 or more recent on
      your computer, you can download a new retail Setup file through
      NoteTab's "Check
      for Updates" feature, which is available from the Help menu (this Setup
      file does not require a previous working version of NoteTab). If you
      have an older
      version, you can update your copy by following the instructions on our

      If you no longer have a copy of the retail Setup file and you do not
      have a valid Extended Download Warranty, please purchase a "
      Search & Resend Registration Details"
      service to have us recover your lost file. Alternatively, if you are a
      licensed user of NoteTab Pro or Std version 4, you can
      contact us
      to receive a 50% upgrade discount to the latest version 6 update.

      Alternatively, depending on your location, you can get a new retail
      version or upgrade for FREE with TrialPay. For more information, click
      on the NoteTab
      license that interests you:

      NoteTab Pro (free) with TrialPay
      NoteTab Std (free) with TrialPay


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      On 1/3/2011 6:46 AM, Don wrote:
      > Good morning Robert,
      > Stuff happens, so you have my sympathy -- I know the last time I needed
      > the "key" I asked Jody for it ... so it has been a while. If I
      > understand you they now charge $5 to retrieve it which I have to say
      > doesn't seem that terrible on the relative scale. The software is
      > fairly inexpensive and we go years with periodic updates without paying.
      > Compare it to other software of same utility (actually for me there
      > aren't any I have in my tool box ... so next best utility) and many of
      > them have annual or more often updates that you must pay for.
      > So while I appreciate that you would prefer to pay zero for this
      > service, I think I'd be willing to pay the $5 if asked. It seems at
      > most a convenience charge that probably is less than the time taken to
      > assist. So while I understand your point, I also see theirs.
      > As an alternative in a pinch of course you can also go to light version.
      > I hope you feel better about the charge on further reflection and hang
      > around. If not, I have no control over the situation so I can only say
      > cheers and best wished for the future.
      > Don
      > On 1/2/2011 11:47 PM, Robert wrote:
      > > Ever hear of two hard drives going at once...
      > > My laptop and my backup drive went at the same time...
      > > And my backup of my backup are in Florida...
      > > And I'm in New York...
      > > So I needed the software now... not later...
      > >

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