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Odd Options and Clip problem

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  • ladyj2oo6
    Hi! I am writing because I m having a problem with NoteTab Lite (current version 6.2 and previous one) and I cannot find an answer. It s been happening for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2010
      Hi! I am writing because I'm having a problem with NoteTab Lite (current version 6.2 and previous one) and I cannot find an answer. It's been happening for months, and ONLY on one of my 2 computers.

      I've tried everything to fix it; even tried copy/pasting all my settings from one system (it works perfectly on that one) to the other with no change. I've finally given up and figured I'd ask for help. I'm thinking it may be a Windows XP Pro problem or a file missing on my second computer, but I have no idea what. Since you all know something about programming and what runs NoteTab, I thought I may find my answer here. I hope so! I'm pulling my hair out. :)

      When I open NoteTab everything is fine and the Help files are all fine. The problem is when I click on 'Options' or any of the Clips, the problem starts. 'Options' never loads; only a Windows default beep sound and I can no longer use NoteTab until I hit the Esc button.

      The clips labels are showing but they are all blank inside. For example, the Auto Correct clip opens, but all I can see inside the clip window is a long row of asterisks. All my clips are like that, with different letters or asterisks showing. I don't know exactly when it started; they used to work perfectly.

      Any ideas? PLEASE???? I don't know where else to go; I've searched the Help file, the NoteTab FAQs, the manual, the internet, and Yahoo groups with no luck. It must be a weird problem. LOL!

      I sure would appreciate any help you all can give me! I've used NoteTab Lite for many years and just love it, except for the one on this computer. Thanks in advance to all you smart people! LOL!

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