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Re: [NTB] notetab lite 6.2

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  • Art Kocsis
    This does not sound right. As Greg said, C: Program Files is meant strictly for program files. Depending on your OS, it might even require administrative
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 7, 2010
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      This does not sound right.

      As Greg said, C:\Program Files\ is meant strictly for program files.
      Depending on your OS,
      it might even require administrative rights to save files to or access that
      folder. Did you even see the "C:\Program Files\" folder in Explorer?

      I see that you have solved the direct problem by saving your files in a
      more appropriate folder
      but in case you are curious (I am), as to where the files were originally
      stored, try this:

      To find the true location of your original problem file, open it and insert
      a unique short character string (you can delete it later) and save the
      file. Then go to Windows Search (or Find), either via the Start menu or
      WindowsKey-F, and choose "Search all files & folders". Look in all your
      "local Drives" and search for a "word or phrase in the file". [The actual
      menu titles may vary depending on your OS but the functions remain the
      same.] Copy and paste the unique string created above into the search box.
      This will ensure that you find the file in question and not other versions.
      Click on the "Advanced options" and check:

      Search system folders
      Search hidden files & folders
      Search subfolders

      Then start the search. It may take a while but eventually windows should
      find it. When the search is finished, right click on the file name and
      choose "Properties". The "Location:" will show the true file path which you
      can copy and paste into Explorer. Note the values of "Attributes:". If
      "Hidden" is checked you will need to go to Explorer Tools | Folder Options
      | View and check "Show hidden files & folders". If the hidden attribute is
      checked and the "show hidden files" was not that would explain why Ecplorer
      would not display the file. However, then neither should have Notetab found it.

      Let us know the results.

      Namaste', Art

      At 07-06-10 17:03, afwritor wrote:
      >I am also having the same issues. I have read the advice offered by you,
      >and followed it, here is what I found.
      >The files all show up when viewing the path within Notetab, but not when I
      >go there using windows explorer. On my machine the files are being saved
      >in: Local Disk (C:)>Program Files (x86)>Note Tab Light. That is where I
      >can find them in notetab.


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