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Incremental Backup Management

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    FWD from OT list: From: Paul Date: Wed Jun 2, 2010 12:09 pm Subject: Incremental Backup Management I m addicted to this feature
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2010
      FWD from OT list:

      From: "Paul" <xboa721@...>
      Date: Wed Jun 2, 2010 12:09 pm
      Subject: Incremental Backup Management

      I'm addicted to this feature probably through a touch of paranoia.

      When writing prose into NoteTab I figure that someday I will write something
      brilliant, save it, and later accidentally cut it in a savage sword swinging
      session to swathe away the rubbish...

      So I use incremental backups. I generate hundreds of them!

      First feature I would love to see implemented: set the attribute of the
      incremental file ~filename[001].txt to <<Hidden>>. In XP (at least) this means
      I can view the actual folder contents and not the hundreds of incremental
      backups which incidentally due to their starting tilde character are listed
      first. (and the incremental backups still work. just have to do a manual /
      macro'd set attribute to Hidden.)

      Second feature would be some kind of a management system. I did implement a
      system using a directory compare/file compare program but so far haven't
      automated the process. I will probably use an AutoHotKey script for that...

      Any thoughts on identifying unique sections of incremental backups as compared
      to the current file within certain parameters. e.g. the non-whitespace
      characters differ by more than 3 characters, 3 words or 3 lines.. a unique
      difference file copies the text from say the previous 10 words to 10 words after
      the file becomes basically the same?

      May need some kind of differentiator I guess. That sounds like it could be
      tricky. Then again seems there's some keen programmers here... :)

      Any suggestions? Program inclusions? Alternatives? Thanks in advance.
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