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Re: [NTB] Some questions about transfering settings to a clean install.

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  • Art Kocsis
    Hi Robbie, First, yes it is safe to just replace the new INI with the old. Any new sections/keys added by v6.2 will be included when you exit NTB & unused
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2010
      Hi Robbie,

      First, yes it is safe to just replace the new INI with the old. Any new
      added by v6.2 will be included when you exit NTB & unused keys/sections
      will be

      1) Ini file grow over time as they contain your NTB history - prefs, recent
      file filters, searches, etc - much more than what shows up in the NTB menus.
      Although it is safe to just copy I like to clean house every once in a while.

      Edit a copy of the old INI file, (I like to sort each section - defined by
      the [...]
      section headers. Caution - DON"T sort the entire file - only section by
      Delete old refs that are no longer applicable and save it. Do NOT save it as
      Notetab.ini as it will be overwritten when you close NTB. After you close NTB,
      then replace the current INI file with the edited one.

      2) The numbers following the entries in the [Toolbar] section control the
      appearance and order of the entries in the Toolbar and Shortcut menu. If you,
      as I do, have spent a lot of time and effort customizing NTB it is a real
      PIA to
      recreate those settings via NTB's options. Much easier (even if you do nothing
      else), is to copy that section into your new ini file.

      3) The spell check is a separate DL and is not part of the NTB
      distribution. You
      can copy the old folders but you may want to DL the current files as they may
      have been updated since your previous installation. However, you probably want
      to copy over the Default.udt and Spell.cfg files in the Spelling folder as
      contain any changes/additions and customizations you have made to spell check.

      HTH. Enjoy

      Namaste', Art

      Buckle Up: It makes it harder for the
      aliens to suck you out of your car.

      At 03-03-10 02:41, you wrote:
      >Greetings, group. Tonight I upgraded my NoteTab from version 5.5 to
      >version 6.2. Instead of installing on top of the existing installation, I
      >chose to do a "clean" install, to get rid of any old (and possibly
      >conflicting) leftover files. I backed-up (to a separate drive) the program
      >and the App-data folders:
      >I then deleted everything from those folders and did a clean install.
      >I'm now in process of copying-over settings from backups to the new
      >install, and I have some questions. I'd be grateful if someone could throw
      >some light on the following:
      >1. Has the format of NoteTab.ini changed at all? It looks sort-of the
      >same, but my old ini file is MUCH LARGER than the new one, having
      >collected a lot of settings over the years. Is it safe to just replace the
      >new ini with the old? Or should I just selectively copy stuff from old to new?
      >2. I notice some differences in NoteTab.fpr (apparently a "document
      >properties history" file). In my old file, most of the entries end in
      >"=0;1", but in the new file, the entries end in "=64;1". What's up with
      >that? What do those numbers mean, anyway? And is it safe to replace the
      >new fpr file with the old one?
      >3. I noticed that when I tried to do spell-checking, I get "You have no
      >dictionaries! Would you like to add a dictionary?" I checked and sure
      >enough, my "Dictionaries" folder was empty. What's up with that? I got
      >spell checking to work again by copying my old dictionaries back to the
      >Dictionaries folder. Were those not part of the standard package or something?
      >Everything else I could figure out easily, but those three are puzzling me.
      >Robbie Hatley
      >lonewolf at well dot com


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