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Re: [NTB] Mouse tricks

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  • AL Guevara
    I have Intellimouse s, and don t have that problem, maybe your mouse drivers are out-dated or corrupt?
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 11, 2009
      I have Intellimouse's, and don't have that problem, maybe your mouse drivers are out-dated or corrupt?


      Al Guevara

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      >jump onto web and find KATMOUSE the are a few around and do find the "right

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      >> Folk:
      >> I use NTP 4.95 as my text esitor, for collecting research notes, etc. I
      >> don't code.
      >> My Intellimouse is looney in NTP. Scroll wheel works backwards, can't
      >> adjust how much to scroll with one turn, etc. Is there a fix? don't
      >> really want to update, b/c I don't need a lot of features, but would
      >> consider it to fix this annoying characteristic.
      >> Regards and Happy Trails,
      >> Scott Needham
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