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RE: [NTB] Comparing text files

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  • Christopher Chaltain
    Have you tried IBM Lotus Symphony? It s a free word processor. We use it at the office, and I ve heard people complain that change tracking isn t as good as
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      Have you tried IBM Lotus Symphony? It's a free word processor. We use it at
      the office, and I've heard people complain that change tracking isn't as
      good as Word's, but it may be worth looking at.



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      Subject: [NTB] Comparing text files

      I'm _trying_ to wean myself out of Microsoft Word (for a number of
      reasons, including having all the most necessary stuff in a flash drive,
      and possibly moving to Linux in the future), but I'm stumbling on one
      feature where I can't find a decent replacement:

      Text comparison. I tried OpenOffice.org. I tried a number of specialized
      text comparison tools. They all proved unsatisfactory -- mostly by an
      inability to pinpoint the exact difference. This is a feature in which
      MS-Word shines. I can open a HTML formatted file, run a compare with the
      original plain-text file and it will pinpoint the changed words, if any.

      Many of the tools I found, though, seem to be geared towards programmers
      -- thus, they tend to do line-by-line comparison, and are totally
      flummoxed by simple things like a different word-wrapping width. Others
      just can't handle insertions or deletions more than a few words long
      -- they can't seem to "resync" the text lower down. And few offer the
      option to display results in what Word calls the "legal blackline" format.

      Most will only work with plain text -- I would prefer one that is able
      to understand formatted HTML. I'm concerned about the text content first,
      formatting second.

      Any suggestions?


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