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Re: [NTB] Suggested new features

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    ... IF I was using only the automatic word wrap, sure. But if I use split lines , it introduces a whitespace where there wasn t one. Let me elaborate why this
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 23, 2009
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      Interviewed by CNN on 23/6/2009 19:21, Bill Mosca told the world:
      > Marcello
      > don't the orphaned hyphens correct themselves when you turn the word wrap off? If they were right in the first place they should revert back.
      IF I was using only the automatic word wrap, sure. But if I use "split
      lines", it introduces a whitespace where there wasn't one.

      Let me elaborate why this ends up being an issue (a small one, but
      still...) to me...

      I use NoteTab + HTML Tidy a lot to debug (X)HTML and make it Strict.
      The procedure I refined eventually goes like this:

      - Load file into NoteTab
      - Run Tidy (Ctrl-F7)
      - Check Tidy error log for trouble spots
      - Reload file (that is, the pre-Tidy version)
      - Jump (Ctrl-Shift-L) to trouble spots, find the problems and fix it.
      - Rinse and repeat until Tidy gives as clean a bill of health as it's
      - THEN bother with a validator.

      Seems straightforward on surface... but there is a hitch: long lines in
      the original.
      NoteTab counts lines *as displayed*, and Tidy counts them as actual
      line-breaks. So, a long paragraph with no hard line breaks counts as
      *one* line for Tidy and maybe *ten* for Notetab. Horizontal scrolling is
      a drag, so I end up having to turn on the word-wrap after jumping to the
      offending line in order to be able to edit it, then turning it off again
      to jump to the next error and so on...
      And, of course, if it's a REALLY long line, finding the error inside it
      becomes harder.

      So the best option is to insert hard line breaks before starting. Using
      the "split lines", though, inserts breaks (that is, whitespace for HTML
      purposes) in undesired places. So I end up having *more* stuff to debug.
      The ones that break file names are pretty easy -- but I also end up with
      spaces inside compound names, which are ugly. I had to write a special
      clip just to do the line-wrapping thing -- it breaks the lines then goes
      back searching for lines ending in an hyphen. It fixes *most* of the
      introduced errors, but not *all* of them -- sometimes it will take out a
      space that *was* there in the original, for instance.

      Inserting errors and then trying to fix them automatically is far from
      ideal; best thing is not inserting them in the first place.

      I guess I'll end up giving up on the "split lines" feature and writing
      my own line-splitter clip from scratch...


      O.K to continue?? <yes> <no> <MAYBE?>
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