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Re: [NTB] Installation problems

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  • Ugly Sean
    ... From: John Shotsky To: Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 17:03 Subject: RE: [NTB] Installation problems ...
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      From: "John Shotsky" <jshotsky@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 17:03
      Subject: RE: [NTB] Installation problems

      > Actually, I did everything mentioned here before I wrote.
      > I didn't want NoteTab Pro 6 in a NoteTab Pro 5 folder. So, I assumed I
      could install 6, test it out, then uninstall 5.8.

      Messy messy messy. You can count on Eric and Fookes Software to do a good
      job at things. I've "only" been around since version 4.0 but I have found
      my text editor.
      In short, I've learned to trust that a new version is almost certainly equal
      to or better than the last one so I just install the new version. I know, I
      can't say this for every program I've used, but NoteTab has proven to be

      > That is not an unusual way to test out new software. I have 8000 lines of
      clip code, and am very careful about
      > disturbing things, especially when I know the clip functionality has been

      I don't write clips - I just use them. But backup copies work wonders here
      as well for your cherished personal code just as it does for ANY file
      processed through NoteTab. I learned it the hard way back in my high school
      days to "save now, save often!"

      So, I was surprised when I
      > discovered that 5.8 was still opening when I clicked on a .txt file.And I
      was further surprised after uninstalling 5.8
      > that clicking on a .txt file brought up an error message (because it
      couldn't find 5.8, no doubt.) Why wasn't it set to
      > open version 6, since I chose Full Installation? Doesn't FULL mean
      COMPLETE? I looked at the custom option, but there
      > was nothing different - everything was checked there. What is MISSING in
      the custom install is an option to REWRITE

      Funny thing you should mention registries. More about that in a moment.

      > I always set NoteTab to replace Notepad, but the files RETAIN the notepad
      icon even though NoteTab (6.1 now) is opened
      > when I double click on them. Previously, .txt files took on the NoteTab
      icon when I did that.

      You'll have to tell me where you got this 6.1 edition from. I can't find it
      on the website and there's not notification from the program.
      You're not confusing it with 5.6.1 I hope.

      > I have been through the process of uninstalling ALL Notetab versions, and
      installing only version 6.1 back. No
      > difference. File Explorer lets me choose which application OPENS .txt
      files, but it will NOT let me select a different
      > ICON. I don't know what's up with that, but it seems to covet .txt files
      somehow, and limit what it will let an
      > administrator do. I didn't have that problem with earlier versions.

      Fussy thing. That's where Registry Editor works its magic.

      - So open up the registry editor already!
      - Open the HKCR key ( HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT )

      This can vary among systems and setups so you may have to look around:

      - Find the key marked "txt" (but no quotes) OR its companion, "txtfile"
      somewhere later in HKCR.
      - In one of the two keys there should be an entry marked "DefaultIcon".
      This is what you are looking for.
      - Change it to your desired icon (in my case, C:\Editors\NoteTab
      Pro\NotePro.exe,0 ) and press Enter. Then exit the Registry Editor.
      -That SHOULD designate your new icon for text files.

      Of note, that ,0 bit is important. If you're not much for tweaking icons, if
      you look at the icons available in a file it's the number in the sequence,
      starting with 0.
      In other words, if you choose the second icon, that number would be 1. If
      it's the fifth icon, the number would be 4, etc. You may well know this but
      I didn't want it to go unsaid, just in case.

      > When I install software, and ANYTHING > doesn't work right, I suspect that
      there may be other problems, and want to fix them immediately, before I get
      too far
      > along and find more problems.

      Sheer paranoia. Lighten up, dude.They're only computers and you can shut
      them off. So far. <EG>

      > I am almost at the point, right now, of reverting back to version 5.8,
      which DID work as expected.
      > Sorry if I sound annoyed, but I am frustrated at how much trouble such a
      simple thing is causing me. I have wasted far
      > too much time on this.

      For me it DOES work as expected. I'm not saying the problem is you. I don't
      know WHAT it is. But I am saying that it CAN be made to work.
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