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Re: [NTB] Print Dialog | Selection Unavailable

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  • Eric Fookes
    Hi Chuck, The answer to the why question is quite simple. Unlike version 4, NoteTab 5 uses a third-party print engine which requires getting the text to
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 19, 2008
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      Hi Chuck,

      The answer to the "why" question is quite simple. Unlike version 4,
      NoteTab 5 uses a third-party print engine which requires getting the
      text to print before the Print dialog box or preview window is opened.
      As a result, it was necessary to devise a method to determine whether to
      send the whole document text or just the selection -- hence the Shift trick.

      This method is actually explained in several places, including the
      "Using NoteTab FAQ".


      Eric Fookes

      Chuck Seward wrote:
      > Thank you everyone for your answers. I knew I could depend on you.
      > Shift-Print is a viable option (thank you Pat), though it certainly begs the
      > question, "why?" (thank you Art)! I was looking in the help file to see a
      > link to further describe the Print Dialog and didn't see the remaining
      > sentence!
      > Chuck
      > On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 6:57 AM, Art Kocsis <artkns@...> wrote:
      >> Hi Chuck,
      >> It seems as you are getting answers to every possible question except
      >> the one you asked: Why doesn't Notetab allow me to print selected text?
      >> First, thank you fro bring this up. I am not sure if I ever was aware of
      >> this
      >> feature but it does seem quite useful. I checked and yes, it is a default
      >> option in the print dialog for NoteTab Std & Pro v4.95. And works quite
      >> nicely. And the same option is displayed in Notetab Std & Pro v5.61,
      >> except, as you say, it is grayed out.
      >> Finding the process to "un-gray" the option was not too difficult. Go to
      >> NoteTab help and search for "Print". Then heck the box at the bottom
      >> of the search dialog panel for "Search previous results" (I wish Google
      >> had that!), enter "select" in the search window and click "List topics"
      >> Choose "File Menu" in the search results and look at "print". There
      >> you will find that we now have to hold down the shift key to "un-gray"
      >> the "Selection" option. Then it works as before.
      >> As to why the change, I don't know. I guess we would have to ask Eric.
      >> It makes no sense to me to add an extra step and roadblock to a nice
      >> feature.
      >> Hope this help.
      >> Art
      >> At 6/18/2008 10:49 AM, you wrote:
      >>> Chuck Seward wrote:
      >>>> Long-time user (and lurker on these lists). I've gathered an incredible
      >>>> amount of good info here!
      >>>> I've been kicking around whether to present this for discussion, and
      >> have
      >>>> finally grown tired of the work-around. With all of this brain trust
      >>>> together, mebbe, there's an answer to this!
      >>>> When the Print dialog is open, the choice to only print the selected
      >>> text is
      >>>> "grayed out" -- yes, I have text selected. I believe I remember this
      >> being
      >>>> available in past iterations of NoteTab. I have a mind like a steel
      >> trap
      >>>> (door), and I may be wrong. I can't find a mention in the Help file.
      >>>> XP Pro SP2 at work, the nasty Vista at home (if I'd only known...)
      >>>> NoteTab Pro 5.61/fv on both machines.
      >>>> Please help,
      >>>> Chuck
      >>> Hi Chuck,
      >>> Printing options in notetab have always been a bit limited.
      >>> Try getting a copy of text print. There is a library that goes with it.
      >>> Here is the info from the clip:
      >>> "This library was written by Fookes Software to serve as an interface to
      >>> the TxtPrint program. You are free to customize it any way you like!
      >>> NoteTab currently does not integrate a print-preview function. However,
      >>> you can use the free TxtPrint utility from Örjan Råberg for this task.
      >>> It provides print preview and, if you want, lets you print multiple
      >>> pages per sheet so you can save a lot of paper. TxtPrint can be
      >>> downloaded from the following link:
      >>> <http://www.notetab.com/ftp/txtprinten10.zip>
      >> http://www.notetab.com/ftp/txtprinten10.zip"
      >>> In addition to other advantages, it allows print selection.
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