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Re: [NTB] How to Specify Support Directory Location

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  • buralex@gmail.com
    Art Kocsis said on Jun 03, 2008 23:22 -0400 (in ... Have you checked any/all of the clips that caused problems: * ie. works in Standard
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 4 4:40 AM
      Art Kocsis <artkns@...> said on Jun 03, 2008 23:22 -0400 (in
      > Re Standard vs Pro. Yes, there are very specific reasons for using Std.
      > I have both for 4.95 and hardly ever use the Pro version. The biggie is
      > the non-support of proportional fonts in Pro. Others are limited tab
      > control options, and it has some bugs in handling some of my clips.
      Have you checked any/all of the clips that caused problems:

      * ie. works in Standard / fails in Pro in Notetab Std 5 vs Notetab
      Pro 5.
      * I (and probably others) would like to see if those "problems"
      still exist.
      o after of course correcting changed syntax (though as far as
      I know) those are principally changed regular expression
      syntax which may or may not be a conversion issue for you.

      > I wish Eric had made Pro a superset of Std instead of two separate
      > feature sets.
      see "yada yada yada" below ;-)
      > Other than Pro is supposed to run much faster than Std,
      > I haven't seen any compelling reason to use Pro. What do you use
      > and why?
      The deal-breakers that Pro offers (for me - YMMV) are:

      * General speed ......................... Very fast
      * "Replace All" speed ................. Very fast
      * Show non-printing characters ..... Yes
      * Multi-level undo/redo ................ Yes
      * URL and HTML-highlighting ......Yes
      * Can wrap text to column ............ Yes
      * Show line numbers..................... Yes

      though I can't say I've ever done any speed testing to verify whether
      the top two would make any practical difference in my normal work.

      Fonts don't bother me much ... if I need/care about them I use Word,
      Thunderbird compose, or an HTML editor (Dreamweaver/Nvu etc). Ditto
      tabs - very rarely - much less than when I first started using Notetab
      Pro I make use of its "smart tabbing" (read indenting) and I'd never use
      set tab positions - again I'd probably use DreamWeaver and invisible
      table borders if I wanted to create a Display/External document and it
      really mattered.

      The one biggie that *is* available in Standard and Light but NOT in Pro
      (though AFAICT it doesn't even make the comparison list) is the ability
      to drag and drop selected text from and to Second Window, browser
      windows (or another instance of Notetab standard or light) but copy
      paste (and the use of ClipCache or alternative) is "good enough" that I
      rarely even consider opening up Standard.

      I understand WHY - different input controls ... yada yada yada ... but I
      wish it could have been made available in Pro :-(

      Btw: I sometimes open up PSPad both for that and its ability to have
      multiple resizeable windows AND (this is a biggie) its ability to do a
      search and EASILY (w/o clips) list all hits and allow double-click on
      one and jump to the source line in the document. (Though a four year old
      - never corrected bug makes the double-click top jump unreliable when in
      wrap mode). While on PSPad, its also got HEX editing and syntax
      highlighting but that's a topic for off-topic!!

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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