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Re: [NTB] Re: User/Global Accounts mixup

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    ... I think you will find that the change was made in the 5.x series to allow for multi-user machines. By default ALL user saved libraries as well as notetabs
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 13, 2008
      >> I have NoteTab pro (recent edition) installed on my XP Windows 2000
      >> SP1. Since XP insists on having user accounts (and I am the only
      >> user, so there are no other user accounts), I have this problem:
      >> There are two places where libraries are saved. The first one is the
      >> main NoteTab Library folder in D:\Program
      >> Files\NoteTabPro\Libraries. The other place is in C:\Documents and
      >> Settings\myUserAccount\Application Data\NoteTabPro\Libraries.
      >> This is a problem because anytime I edit a library, it gets copied to
      >> the useraccounts library in the c drive. I just want one place for
      >> libraries. I am trying to use the "Clipbook Librarian" but it won't
      >> toggle libraries in the useraccount folder. Besides, I hate having
      >> doubles. I do understand however, about installing updates which
      >> install over top of files in the Program Files folder.
      >> Can someone shed some light on my problem?
      >> Thank you!
      >> -Brother Gabriel-Marie

      I think you will find that the change was made in the 5.x series to
      allow for multi-user machines. By default ALL user saved libraries as
      well as notetabs default libraries are in the user account. I think it
      is probably the proper way to do it (even though single users like
      yourself do exist). The proper way is to move any old clip libraries to
      the user set and then they will be in one place once and for all.

      There is information in help on clip programming:

      ^$GetLibraryUserPath$ (added in v5.0)
      Returns the folder where NoteTab stores user-modified Clipbook libraries
      (always ends with backslash).

      And from notetab help:

      Q. How can I control where NoteTab stores user settings and data?

      A. NoteTab 5 is designed to work under multi-user environments and
      stores user settings and data under the Application Data folder.
      Previous versions of NoteTab stored such files by default under the
      NoteTab program folder. You can instruct NoteTab to use the program
      folder as the main storage location instead of the Application Data
      folder. To do so, simply place the program INI file in the same folder
      as the NoteTab program file (NoteTab.ini for NoteTab Light/Std and
      NotePro.ini for NoteTab Pro). An empty INI file will do the trick.

      IMPORTANT: You should not store NoteTab settings under the Program Files
      folder if you are working in a multi-user environment, or are running
      Windows Vista, or running Windows XP without administrative privileges.
      Furthermore, if you choose to store your settings under the Program
      Files folder, it is your responsibility to backup any NoteTab Clipbook
      libraries and templates that you have customized before installing
      updates. Installing NoteTab updates replaces such files under the
      program folder with the default copies.

      If you install NoteTab 5 over an earlier version of NoteTab, then user
      data will be stored in the same folders as before; if you want to have
      user data stored under the Application Data folder, then simply move the
      INI file to the "Application Data\NoteTab Pro" folder for NoteTab Pro,
      or "Application Data\NoteTab Light" folder for NoteTab Light, or
      "Application Data\NoteTab Std" folder for NoteTab Std. Note that the
      "Application Data" folder is "AppData\Roaming" on Windows Vista.

      If you work with sensitive data and need to ensure that it remains
      secure, you may want to instruct NoteTab to save its customization files
      on an encrypted drive instead of under the Application Data folder. You
      can do this with the /USER command-line switch, which is available since
      NoteTab 5.1. If you are looking for software to create virtual encrypted
      drives, we highly recommend the open source TrueCrypt
      (www.truecrypt.org). Example assuming E: is your encrypted drive:

      NotePro.exe /USER="E:\NoteTab Data"

      Alternatively, you can use the /USER command-line switch to share the
      same customization files with multiple NoteTab users across a network.
      Also, if you run different versions of NoteTab (e.g. Pro and Std), you
      can use this switch to force them to use the same data folder.

      Q. How do I transfer settings from NoteTab 4 to NoteTab 5?

      A. The settings are stored in NotePro.ini and NotePro.fpr for NoteTab
      Pro, and in NoteTab.ini and NoteTab.fpr for NoteTab Std/Light. If you
      have modified or added Clipbook libraries, you will find them under the
      Libraries subfolder. Favorites lists are stored in the Favorites
      subfolder. By default, you will find these files and subfolders in the
      following locations. Note that <NoteTab> represents either NoteTab Pro,
      NoteTab Std, or NoteTab Light, depending on which version of NoteTab you

      C:\Program Files\<NoteTab>\

      Close NoteTab and then copy the settings files, the Favorites subfolder,
      and changed Clipbook files to the following location. Note that <user>
      represents the name you use to log on to Windows:

      On Windows XP/2000:

      C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\<NoteTab>\

      On Windows Vista:


      On a Windows 98 system without individual user logins:

      C:\Windows\Application Data\<NoteTab>\

      On a Windows 98 system with individual user logins:

      C:\Windows\Profiles\<user>\Application Data\<NoteTab>\

      On a Windows NT system:

      C:\Winnt\Profiles\<user>\Application Data\<NoteTab>\
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