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Re: [NTB] Does this indicate that Notetab is corrupted?

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  • buralex@gmail.com
    ken winston caine said on Nov 19, 2007 ... Ken: It doesn t ring a bell with me and personally I think its more likely that you ve
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2007
      "ken winston caine" <naturedoc@...> said on Nov 19, 2007
      13:40 -0500 (in part):
      > Here's some new weirdness that I experienced yesterday:
      > I keep my favorites in the QuickList and anchor it on the right-hand
      > side of the screen. Normally when I click or doubleclick on any file in
      > the QuickList, it opens (or if already open, it becomes the top file on
      > the screen, ready for me to work in).
      > Yesterday (the day no work I did in any file actually got saved into
      > those files, despite repeated Control S saves) I could not open files
      > from the QuickList by left-clicking on them. Instead, I discovered I
      > had to right-click and select 'Open.'
      > I suspect now that that should have served as a warning that something
      > was very amiss, but didn't realize that yesterday. Was just happy to
      > discover that files opened OK when I right-clicked and selected "open."
      > Does any Notetab wizard recognize that behavior?
      > Is it a legitimate option one can select somewhere in the Notetab
      > options, or is it likely that somehow my installation is deteriorating?
      It doesn't ring a bell with me and personally I think its more likely
      that you've got some system problem with *perhaps* a bug in Notetab that
      it is not signaling some error it receives (or in error ignores) from
      the OS.

      Clearly you MUST track this down or be unable to trust that ANYTHING you
      do is going to be saved correctly :-(

      A couple of things I'd try if the same mysterious behavior were
      happening to me:

      * After doing a save in Notetab then "Copy Name" of the file written
      to clipboard
      o this is an option available from right-click on tab in Notetab.
      * Open the same file in Notepad (or other independent text editor
      such as MetaPad or PSPad) using the name you've copied to
      clipboard and VERIFY that the last changes you've made to file
      have in fact been saved.
      * Change backup mode to Incremental, make a change in one or couple
      of files and in Windows Explorer VERIFY that these backups are in
      fact being made.
      * remove or rename to something else your Notepro.ini file to force
      Notetab to recreate it.
      o repeat above verification steps.
      o Notepro.ini (if PRO version) or Notetab.ini (if light
      version) may be in either:
      + C:\Program Files\Notetab or
      + C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application
      Data\NoteTab Pro
      o depending on how you've installed Notetab (if version 5.x).
      + its something a little different if you have Vista I
      believe but I've never used it.

      Hope some of this helps ...

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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