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Re: [NTB] Clip help

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  • hsavage
    ... ; %FileOutput%=^?{Output filename}; %SFA%=^?{(T=D)Output ... duke, The first thing that sticks out is the missing, leading caret, in %firstline%. When you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2007
      duke_nukem_time wrote:
      > Hey all,
      > I need some basic help understanding how NoteTab
      > deals with programming. To start off, I am trying
      > to make my code open a file, where it will read each
      > line and output the line into html code to be saved.
      > My problem is that I don't understand why the clip isn't
      > working as I intended to. Here is a post of it:
      > ; Menu
      > ^!Set %FileInput%=^?{(T=O)Select the filelist to use}
      ; %FileOutput%=^?{Output filename}; %SFA%=^?{(T=D)Output
      > file directory}
      > ;End procedure if the user canceled the Clip wizard
      > ^!IfCancel Exit
      > Basic menu here with an input and output file to be
      > selected and named....
      > ;Open the file
      > ^!OpenReadOnly ^%FileInput%
      > Open the file for reading....
      > ;Declare the special interger and string to be set to zero
      > ^!Set %Int%=1
      > Set an interger called Int to equate to one for a loop...
      > ^!Set %firstline%= ^$GetLine( 1)$
      > ^!InsertHtml <title>%firstline%</title>
      > Store the first line in the opened file to the string
      > firstline. Here when I try the insert html, i want it
      > to output inserted html in the other file i created
      > called %FileOutput%. I cannot go any further until I am
      > able to solve this problem.
      > A better explanation of this is that I have two files:
      > a and b. I want to take the input of file a, convert it
      > to html, and then output it to file b using strings and a loop.
      > Can anyone guide me on what to do next? I don't expect
      > someone to write the rest of it for me but I need some general
      > guidance as to where to look to solve my problem. Thanks.


      The first thing that sticks out is the missing, leading caret, in
      %firstline%. When you assign a variable you do not use the caret, when
      you want to use the value of an assigned variable it must have a leading

      If you need further assistance you should probably post the complete
      clip, or, at least, a lot more of it. There may be other oversights we
      would spot using a minimum of messages.

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