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Re: Jim Hall, A Dear Friend....

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  • Alan
    Thanks Laurie and Lotta. Jim deserves fifty or more different Yahoo Groups. But I didn t know which other 43 plus groups to send this to. So, I send this to
    Message 1 of 3 , May 15, 2007
      Thanks Laurie and Lotta.

      Jim deserves fifty or more different Yahoo Groups. But I didn't know which
      other 43 plus groups to send this to. So, I send this to these here 7
      groups. Hopefully the thought that he is so deserving is what counts.

      Goodness, it was only near two or three weeks ago that Jim and I (email) were
      speaking programming and program design. (he'd informed me then that his time
      was getting short).

      We hadn't formerly emailed each other off list that much if at all. But,
      somehow, Jim and I struck up this chord about programming.

      And . . .

      I had spoke from my Perl programming experience and that my skill level in
      Perl is near intermediate and that I wanted to fill in some gaps in my
      knowlege and then make break throughs into yet even more advanced with my
      Perl skills.

      Somehow, I'm still uncertain exactly as to how, but, nonetheless, those email
      conversations left me with a greater insight into the specifics of exactly
      what my target lessons now needs to be in order for me to go where I want to
      go with my Perl programming skills.

      IOW I got tuned in or dialed in better about the needed specifics in order for
      me to proceed forward and in turn then achieve my goal.

      Thank you Jim. (I also told him so, thank you, via email at the time that this

      I think Jim's definition of Object Oriented programming had something to do
      with this. He has his own definition of what this (Object Oriented)
      programming is. And, it's right on (for the most part). And it's a real
      down to earth and a simple and easily understood definition.

      I'm about to target myself for some more Object oriented programming lessons
      in Perl. I need to know more in that I need a greater ability to tap into
      pre existing power. Sometimes I succeed and can tap into it. But not under
      all circumstances. I just need greater familiarity. Modules equate to my
      term of pre existing power. Often, an freely available Perl object oriented
      module has the power to do thus and such 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Perhaps I
      can succeed at tap into and use 2 and 5. But I also need to tap into and use
      3 and 7 and I fail.

      Once I understand *all* of the underlying mechanics or mechanisms of Perl
      Object Oriented then I should be able to do whatever I want successfully.

      Getting back to Jim, I discovered that he'd programmed in many languages. He
      had the capability to program or author any sort of software that he wanted
      to. And he had done so many times in years gone by.

      But, today, he said he dislikes coding (programming or authoring or writing
      code). But that he'd rather design a program and then contract someone to
      write the code to fullfill his design specs.

      Jim I'm jealous (is it ok to be jealous) or, another way to put it, I
      certainly at the very least am admirable of Jim's achievements in the
      computer science (especially programming) arena.

      I struggle with where I'm at with my Perl skills. I mastered the Notetab
      clips. And I did a little bit of Qbasic prior to my learning Notetab Clip.
      And I've done a slight little bit of programming the bash shell in Linux.
      Oh, and a very very teeny bit of batch file language on Microsoft.

      Of those, I'd say Perl is the heavy weight (the power of what it can do), an
      programming language. But Perl is a high level language.

      (I've never done) Jim did low level languages such as assembler. These are
      way more involved, much more so than high level language. (I wonder if I'll
      ever master the high level Perl language).

      Assembler is down at the hardware, about the lowest language there is.

      Jim also did high level languages.

      But Jim just always acted like he's no different than me.

      Though he owned what I think are talents that perhaps even not all of us even
      have the ability to attain, he acted with me like he's got nothing special,
      he just studied and worked hard. That's all.

      Well, I think it's not all. I study and work hard and I creep (like as in
      very slow) to progress/raise my Perl skill level. So slow at a high level
      language it makes me wonder if I could ever even do a low level language like

      (I lacks a transition right here. *Jumps* awkwardly into the next)

      The word "grace" comes to my mind. I just looked it up at online dictionary:

      1. The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition
      to benefit or serve another; favor bestowed or privilege
      [1913 Webster]

      Somehow I came away from email conversation with Jim with something positive,
      privilege conferred or etc. I came away, as mentioned, more dialed in or
      tuned in about myself and what's needed for my targets or milestones in order
      for me to get where I wanted to go.

      To be a part of the steering committee is perhaps one of the greatest
      blessings that there is.

      Thanks Jim for whatever you did (Just being Jim, I think) that an offshoot of
      this is that my own guidance or direction that I need to pursue is affected
      in a positive way.


      On Monday 14 May 2007 09:48, LaurieK wrote:
      > Dear Groups...
      > I would be remiss if I did not say the following, (Thanks Loro for handling
      > this as well). Jim made me promise some months ago that, when the time
      > came, would I please notify the group of his passing.
      > He emailed me last night to inform me it was time...unfotunately I am
      > dealing with a personal family loss which took place last evening as well,
      > so I did not catch the email until now.
      > Jim Hall was an EXTRAORDINARY Man... you may not all know him if you are
      > newer to the group but he has been here watching all along. When I first
      > started using NoteTab, clips were a mystery to me. He tried as he might to
      > help me, even created a Yahoo News Group dedicated to helping newbie clip
      > writers. I'm not a programmer, he tried! :) Chuckled with me often too
      > :)
      > Although I never met him in person, he has been a constant in my life... I
      > cannot express enough how much you will be MISSED, Jim. He has been there
      > for me and for others for many years.
      > We were in a very small beta testing group for many years as well, you
      > other members, you know who you are.. and always there with helpful input
      > on how to tweak and make things better. I grieve so hard today you have
      > no idea.....Oh my God...
      > Prayers go out to your wife and family.... good bye my friend, no more
      > pain... you lived life and were at peace with all that has happened to
      > you... may God and the saints take real good care of you... see you in the
      > future, I hope.
      > Please, take a moment... he was truly at peace, he had tied up ALL of his
      > loose ends, he was ready... I promise you he attitude was fantastic to the
      > end...
      > For NoteTab, for Insight, 2007 has taken great people from us....
      > Jim, Rest In Peace m'dear friend!
      > Maybe Jody was there to greet him.... :)
      > I bid you farewell, Jim.
      > Laurie
      > Oh my......
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