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Re: [NTB] Up/down arrow behavior in NT free / pro

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  • Bruce Meyers
    justin_ehrlich_1 wrote: Hi everyone, I just joined because of the question I want to ask here. I hope it s not bad form to ask
    Message 1 of 5 , May 12 9:54 AM
      justin_ehrlich_1 <justin_ehrlich_1@...> wrote: Hi everyone, I just joined because of the question I want to ask here.
      I hope it's not bad form to ask a question right away but I searched
      and looked thru a lot of results and did not find anything about my issue.

      I've been using NoteTab Pro for years on my home computer and I'm very
      happy with it. Now on my work machine I installed NT free just to gain
      a few features I'm accustomed to which aren't in the editor that's
      used in my workplace. But one of the most important features is
      missing in free version 4.95, and I'm wondering whether I'll have to
      buy another copy of Pro to get it.

      Also I want to ask about the name of this feature because it would be
      a lot easier to ask about it if I knew what it's called. But I'll just
      have to describe it as best I can.

      Suppose you have 20 characters on line 1, none on line 2, and 20 on
      line 3, and the cursor is at column 10 of line 1. Now you press the
      down arrow. On almost any editor or word processor it will go to
      column 1 of line 2; it "falls back" to the left because there are no
      characters on the line. Now you press the down arrow again...

      Now on my copy of NoteTab Pro it will go to column one of line 3. This
      is the *right* behavior in my opinion and it's what I want. It's as if
      the cursor always "remembers" and keeps to its *most recent* column
      position (which in the example is column 1).

      But on all other editors I've used, and unfortunately including my new
      copy of NoteTab Light 4.95, when it gets to line 3 in the example the
      cursor *jumps to the right* to match its *previous* column position
      (where it was in line 1). I find this crazy-annoying (and I downloaded
      NoteTab here at work to get rid of it). But I can't find a way to turn
      it off.

      Of course the same thing applies with the up arrow.

      So I'm hoping someone can tell me:

      1. What is the name of this feature or option?
      2. Can i get the "right" behavior in NoteTab Light or do I have to pay
      for the Pro version to get this feature?
      3. If the preferred available in NoteTab Light, how can it be changed?




      I had never paid much attention to the feature you are talking about so I just
      tried several different editors and all of them but one went back to the original
      column. The one that did not was the "hated" (by some) Notepad that is standard
      in all versions of Windows. It will go to line 1 on the blank line and then go to line one of the third line and not to the position it was in on the first line.

      So "terrible old Notepad" does the *right* thing that NoteTab Pro does, but NT Light and NT Standard do not.

      Bruce Meyers

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