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Re: [NTB] NTL treats some files like "read only"

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  • mapsonx
    ... Thanks Lotta, that was drivin me crazy :}
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 11, 2007
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, loro <loro-spam01-@...> wrote:
      > mapsonx wrote:
      > >NTL 4.95 treats some files like "read only", even though they are not. It
      > >will not edit them.
      > >
      > >One example is my Opera6.ini file.
      > >
      > >In such cases, I can do one of two things.
      > >
      > >Use another text editor. NTL is the only one with this limitation. I
      > >have several others, all of which will perform the task with no problem.
      > >
      > >Or, I can can copy the complete contents of the file & create a new
      > >Opera6.ini file, which for some inexplicable reason NTL will now edit as usual.
      > Because now it isn't Unicode anymore. :-)
      > NTB opens Unicode files as read-only if that option is checked. I think
      > that's the fabric setting. As you've noticed they are read-only in Notetab,
      > not on disk.
      > Options | General | Protect Unicode Files
      > You can make the file writable by clicking on the last option on the
      > Document menu, Read-Only. In the case of Opera6.ini that's perfectly safe
      > since there are no funky characters in there.
      > Lotta

      Thanks Lotta, that was drivin' me crazy :}
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