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Re: Free upgrade ?

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  • Stefan Elssner
    Hi jcmcgowan01, as I read your post first I was tempted to write an immediate and rather ironic answer. I didn t, mostly for two reasons - 1) I was at work at
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 31, 2006
      Hi jcmcgowan01,

      as I read your post first I was tempted to write an immediate and
      rather ironic answer. I didn't, mostly for two reasons - 1) I was at
      work at that time (and I have not to waste my boss's money by doing
      private things - reading groups.yahoo seemed enough waste for then),
      2) One should not write emails (or any letters) when in anger and/or

      Now I'm at home. And I've seen Jody wrote a polite and complete answer.

      By this I re-read your post. And I can't resist any longer to answer
      it my way ;-) Sorry, Jody, sorry, Don, and sorry to any who will
      simply find this filling up their inbox for no good.


      I can't find when exactly I bought my first licence for using a copy
      of NoteTab Pro but it must be in the midth of the 90's, last century.


      So I'm probably an even more loyal customer than you, right?

      Following your sort of logic, Fookes Software would very probably have
      to PAY ME for using the latest version NoteTab, if not now, then more
      or less soon in the future. Since whenever a new major version
      arrives, they must substract any of what I have paid in sum from the
      new version original price to keep what I paid them at all below or at
      least equal to the new original price. What an idea.


      In fact I paid Fookes for using a copy of NoteTab 3, then of NoteTab
      4, and now I paid them for using a copy of NoteTab 5. I could also
      have said "Good, 4 is fine for me, I don't need 5" (as I really did
      not long before , but then changed my mind ;-)) -- and I could use my
      right to run NoteTab 4, and nobody ever would deny me that just for
      the reason of NT 5 is out now.

      And that's all the same for you!, <ironic>even being not so much loyal
      as me</ironic>

      When you bought your license you bought it for NT 4.95. Now 5 is out,
      you can buy a license for this too, and to a really special price,
      since you ARE a "loyal customer". You do NOT have to pay more for
      getting NT 5 than a new customer. You pay less! You HAVE a licencse to
      NoteTab 4.95. The Newbie has not! If you by 5, you pay for 5! Not for
      a bundle of 4 and 5.

      Please just even TRY to understand this scheme.

      As Jody already pointed out (I know... but he was polite, I'm being
      not, so I say:) what you are whining about is that you have "missed"
      the chance to get 5 for free while buying 4.95, by just a couple of
      days. Spare a little bit of your mind from bewhining $5.50 for getting
      the idea that a deadline MUST BE made - by definition of a date, not
      of different dates for different persons of different loyality.

      I missed this deadline too, BTW. OK, by some more than two weeks. But,
      really, where is the difference?!

      There can be a lot more sayed on this. But it was now more than enough
      time wasted on this topic (IMHO) - you wrote a lot of words about it,
      Jody wrote a lot polite and helpful, Don wrote right and tried to
      stop, but I couldn't resist and added even more words and time to that
      needless topic.

      I'll stop doing so, right now.

      But not before having finally added that I really know much more
      frustrating places than the one you say you're putted in.


      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "jcmcgowan01" <jcmcgowan01@...> wrote:
      > --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Eric Fookes <egroups@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Actually, it's a free upgrade if you purchased NoteTab 4.95 after
      > > 27, 2006 (120 days prior to the release of v5.0). See this page:
      > >
      > I know. And unfortunately that puts me in that most frustrating place:
      > After using Note Tab Light for a while, plus being a Mailbag Assistant
      > and Aid4Mail Pro customer, I purchased Note Tab Pro on March 12, 2006.
      > Which makes me about two weeks too early.
      > Plus, the base price increased from $19.95 to $29.95, so even the 50%
      > discount makes the price for me almost as much as I just paid for 4.95!
      > ...
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