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Re: Re: [NTB] Where's the support?

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  • Stan Blazejewski
    G day Jody, ... OK, it seems that Emails from yourself are being filtered somewhere as I still haven t seem any off list replies at either address which I
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 16, 2006
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      G'day Jody,

      On Wed, 16 Aug 2006 12:09:04 -0500, you wrote:

      >Hi Stan,
      >>I have to ask, what's going on?
      >The short of it is, sort of short, what you reported was
      >something that somebody from Fookes Software needed to reply to
      >and that is why you probably didn't have any list member reply to
      >it. I did send a total of 3 messages to you from my support
      >address. I'm sorry Eric and I missed your bug report to the ntb-
      >NextRelease list! I mentioned something at the bottom of my reply
      >about that.
      >I just resent my reply to your first message with the same return
      >address you have in the mail and the address you use for this
      >list. You can just reply to me at my support address after you
      >read this and the one I just resent. If you don't get a reply,
      >write me at my personal email address in this message or the ntb-
      >NextRelease list again. The longer story is below. ;)
      >You used a different return email address when writing me at
      >support. I sent a total of 3 messages to you including the one I
      >sent at 8:55PM last night asking if you were getting my replies.
      >I should have checked on the NextRelease list when I wasn't
      >getting replies from you and FWIW, probably would have replied
      >today on the NextRelease list.
      >My guess is they are being filtered with a spam tool or you are
      >not checking the mail at the return email address you sent your
      >messages to me with.

      OK, it seems that Emails from yourself are being filtered somewhere as I 'still'
      haven't seem any off list replies at either address which I think is strange.
      I checked the spam folder at the Yahoo address & there's no sign of messages
      from yourself.
      As for the netspace address, I called them up to check things out & they 'do
      not' log any filtering so I turned it off as I do that from my end anyway & that
      'is' logged (which I checked, plenty of messages from yourself but none deleted)
      and I personally run an eye over anything that is flagged for deletion just in
      case anyway.

      >The message content type you sent probably should have just been
      >sent to me at one of my many support addresses and under normal
      >circumstances to the ntb-NextRelease list. I'll take the blame for
      >not at least scanning through that mail and at least acknowledged
      >reading the messages sent to that list and reply in a general
      >basic generic type message stating that I would try to get to the
      >messages I could and that needed a reply.
      >One thing you might consider in future trial beta testing on the
      >**ntb-NextRelease** list is to mention in the Subject line
      >something like "Bug: Euro.clb missing" or "Trail-1: Utilities
      >Clipbar Bugs." You used a "generic" type Subject line and it may
      >have been overlooked because of that since we were flooded with

      OK, I'll give you that, in hindsight the subject was a bit generic. I future
      I'll make sure the heading will blatently indicate the contents of the message.

      OK, back to the Email problem ... rather than flood this list I will post a
      message headed 'lines of communication' to ...
      NoteTab Off-Topic,
      your personal 'earthlink' address
      the fookes support address.


      Australia isn't "down under", it's "off to one side"!

      www.cobracat.com (home of the Australian Cobra Catamaran)
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