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Re: [NTB] HTML Codes for Online Ordering

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  • Kerry Coates
    I use www.mals-e.com and it is a great tool. It is a secure site. You can choose between credit cards, money orders, checks, or PayPal as payment options for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 18, 2006
      I use www.mals-e.com and it is a great tool. It is a secure site. You can
      choose between credit cards, money orders, checks, or PayPal as payment
      options for your clients. It is free but there is also another way you
      could go that has more features but it costs very little. I use the free
      service. It is really user friendly.
      There is a little learning curve to setting it up but it is worth it.
      Your website will have a "buy it" button (you can call it anything you want
      like "sent it" or whatever you want). The program will send you an e-mail
      notification when someone places an order and then you go to mals-e.com and
      retreive your orders. You have to have a merchant account at your
      local bank to accept credit cards. You just call them into your bank as a
      phone order, the money is deposited into your bank instantly. Visa and
      Mastercard charge a fee like 3% or something like that (can't remember) but
      don't tell your bank that it is an online store or they will charge more. I
      have had my account with my bank for 6 years now and they still think I have
      a regular store front here in Capitan. They charge more for online stores
      because they feel there is more risk. But even if you had a regular brick
      and morter store, you take a chance when you take credit cards so I don't
      understand why it is more of a risk. Anyway, I haven't had a problem yet in
      6 years. No charge-backs or refusals. All my charges have gone through
      just fine.
      You can set up an autoresponder in your account with mals-e.com to send
      a thank you note to your customer and type in any message you want to.
      If you want to see how it works from a customer's point of view, you can
      send me a test order. You can use 0000-0000-0000-0000 and 00/00 for the
      credit card number and exp date and it will come through to me and you will
      receive my automated reply e-mail. If you want to do a "view source" on
      my website to see how I have the code set up go ahead. I have several
      different types of order pages -- different ways you can do it. Look on my
      dulcimer pages and my Amazing Health pages for examples. There is a comment
      box on my order forms so you can tell me it is a test order.

      Kerry Coates
      Visit all my websites!

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      > Hi peoples! I'm new here and am hoping that someone in this group
      > would know where I could get an HTML script or program (hopefully for
      > free)that I could use to place on a website that I am doing for my
      > brother so that he may sell his paintings online. Thanks so much.
      > Brendi
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