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Re: [NTB] validation and notetab

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  • Jody
    Hi deedee, ... Sorry about that. Go with what Lotta first mentioned by turning word wrap off (Ctrl+W) or sign up on the Clips list (see footer) and ask for a
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 22, 2006
      Hi deedee,

      >:dizzy: Oh Jody, I am sorry, that was all Greek to me. I am
      >just not that advanced. I don't even know what REgExp is. Yes I
      >do have a registered version of NoteTab Pro.

      Sorry about that. Go with what Lotta first mentioned by turning
      word wrap off (Ctrl+W) or sign up on the Clips list (see footer)
      and ask for a couple of Clips to put on your Clipbar co,plate
      with instructions for people who get dizzy when spoken Geek to. ;)

      You can also look over my nnnLines Library. There are a number of
      ways to add line numbers some of them have many options and yet
      one you might like automatically makes a new document, numbers
      the lines, and then prints all with one click. You can add as
      many of the Clips to your default Clipbar when using a registered
      version of NoteTab.

      The Library gets extracted to NoteTab's Libraries folder.
      nnnLines download link:

      >--- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Jody <kjv-av1611@...> wrote:
      >> Hi Dee,
      >>> Thanks, I never got the response and could not find it on the
      >>> list. Heck I sure wish it conformed to the validator, turning
      >>> word wrap off is a real turn-off. Okay, thanks, I was hoping
      >>> perhaps someone found something more pleasant.
      >> Try Ctrl+W, then select some text at the beginning of the line,
      >> and then press Ctrl+W again. If you are more of a mouse user,
      >> then put the Word Wrap icon on the Toolbar or the Shortcut
      >> menu. See View | Options underneath the Toolbar & Shortcut
      >> tabs.
      >> The manual method to insert and remove line numbers would be
      >> Select All (Ctrl+A), then click Modify | Lines | Number Lines
      >> (or use the Number Lines Toolbar/Shortcut methods via Options).
      >> When you are done use a RegExp to remove the lines. Something
      >> like the following should work in the Replace tool placing it
      >> in the Find field and replace with nothing checking the RegExp
      >> box after inserting the code and do a Replace All...
      >> ^.\d+\.\s
      >> I have a Library that has a number of ways to insert numbers
      >> into the file with a Clip to Remove Numbers... With two Clips
      >> you can easily do what you want by putting the two Clips on
      >> your default Clipbar provided that you are in a registered
      >> version of NoteTab.
      >> In short, all the Clip does is give you some options, but the
      >> default of the first Clip to number the lines is to of course
      >> number each line with text on it (skipping blank lines unless
      >> you switch the option to count them) starting at line one and
      >> start numbering at 1 (meaning you could start the number at any
      >> line number like 5 for instance). It has some other options
      >> too. The Remove Numbers is directly below that one with other
      >> ways to number lines below it... I just reordered it and fixed
      >> some glitches, but haven't uploaded yet. You can write me in
      >> *private email* if you want me to send you a copy.
      >> You can also sign up on the Clips list (see footer) and ask
      >> somebody to make you a couple Clips or one to add/remove
      >> numbers.
      >>>>> I am finding that I cannot use the NTP line numbering with
      >>>>> W3C validation as they don't match up. What is everyone else
      >>>>> doing to work around this?
      >>>> Turn Word Wrap off. Notetab counts wrapped lines as well as
      >>>> real lines.

      Happy Clip'n!

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      Freeware and Shareware; some seamleesly integrates with NoteTab:

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