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Re: [NTB] Make Pasteboard setting "stick"?

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  • Jody
    Hi Bob and will, I like Bob s method/idea/Clip better than my suggestion (even though the clip needed to be posted over on the Clips list ), because his you
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 21, 2006
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      Hi Bob and will,

      I like Bob's method/idea/Clip better than my suggestion (even
      though the clip needed to be posted over on the Clips list <g>),
      because his you do not have to remember anything and if you
      already have a default Library opening up all the time to like I
      would guess a lot of people to, then all you need to do is add
      the Clip to an existing OnOpen event Clip or make an OnOpen Clip
      in the Library you put it which will become your default Library
      with your favorite Clips in it! ;) Also, if you do not use the
      feature to "Reload Open Documents" under the General tab it will
      still work. My suggestion will not.

      If you check or already have "Reload Open Documents" under the
      General tab, all you need to do is to remember to leave the
      PasteBoard open when you shut down. It will automatically reopen
      as the Pasteboard. (It does have to be a saved file.) In case you
      didn't know it, if you have NoteTab's icon in the System Tray it
      has an item to use the active file as the "Paste Board". (See
      "Icon in System Tray" and also "Close to System Tray" -"View" and
      "General" tabs in View | Options.)

      FYI, NoteTab 5 moves the "Close to System Tray" to the View menu
      from the existing General tab location directly under "Icon in
      System Tray" under the Application section in the bottom. Beta
      testing is going well. We're keeping Eric very busy! <bg> I'll
      try to keep posting little notes like this at the bottom of
      messages when I remember. Please don't comment on the lists about
      it though because we don't want to flood the lists with a lot of
      mail and I and definitely not Eric don't have the time to be
      replying to them. Thanks in advance! (TIA!) ... in case you were
      wondering what TIA means. ;) FYI is "for your information."

      >> Each time I start NTP I have to manually set my pasteboard.txt file to
      >> act as a clipboard history file:
      >> How can I make that pasteboard setting "stick"?
      >The following clip will check through your open documents to see
      >(i) if you have an active pasteboard (in which case it ends) or
      >(ii) if the document pasteboard.txt is open but inactive. It will
      >then open pasteboard.txt if necessary and activate it.
      >Note that you will need to alter the clip (in 2 places) to set the
      >path to where you store your pasteboard.txt file.
      >By naming the clip OnOpen, it runs whenever the library it is in
      >becomes active. If you start NoteTab with a command line switch
      >/L="libraryname", then the program should open at the correct
      >library to run the clip.
      >^!If ^$GetPasteBoardIndex$>0 END

      Happy Tab'n,
      Jody Adair

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