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Re: [NTB] Recurring disappearance of all help files in frame left of working win

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  • jfd2author
    ... No, I close all the files (the html pages of my web site) first before exiting, so that when I leave, all that is on the screen is the NoteTab Pro program
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 21, 2006
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      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Jody <kjv-av1611@e...> wrote:
      > Hi John,
      > >This happens to me regularly over the years since I have been
      > >using NoteTab Pro. Regularly! Quite often. Yesterday I set up a
      > >new "Options" just to my liking in a new window because I had
      > >lost all the help files in the frame on the left that holds
      > >whatever library tab I click, HTML, etc. "ERROR: Help file is
      > >missing".
      > That does not make sense to me, in that not the way you wrote it,
      > but the error that is coming up. If you mean that the panel on
      > the left side is disappearing, try pressing F4 the next time it
      > happens. Or press it now and see if that is what you mean. Press
      > it again to show the Clipbook Library again. It is the one that
      > corresponds to the buttons (HTML, SampleCode, Utility, etc.) on
      > the Libraries bar at the bottom of the screen. (View | Libraries
      > bar.) F4 toggles the Clipbook Library on/off.
      > >I set it up yesterday by overwriting the old file where the same
      > >thing had happened on opening it, with a fresh copy of an unused
      > >program. When I last downloaded it, after this had happened,
      > >according to directions given by you, I made several copies on my
      > >hard drive, anticipating the problem will happen again. Sure
      > >enough. It did. Now all is blank, and irretrievable. I can open
      > >my files okay, but there are no one-click helps with formatting.
      > Besides having a backup "Setup for NoteTab..." the main file that
      > you would want to save somewhere else after getting all your
      > settings the way you want is NotePro.ini (NoteTab Pro) or
      > NoteTab.ini (NoteTab Std/Light). If for some reason your settings
      > get wiped out, when NoteTab is closed, just copy the INI file
      > back into NoteTab's main folder saying yes to overwrite existing
      > the file. You will loose the files that you had open at the time,
      > because your old backup file will have different or no files in
      > it. (I would make the copy with no files open in NoteTab.)
      > >Since I bought your software, this disappearance has happened, it
      > >seems, a hundred times. Then I install a fresh program copy and
      > >lose all my options and start over from scratch with the
      > >files/web pages I have created. So I feel that my only recourse
      > >is to just keep overwriting the faulty program and reformatting
      > >my appearance and use options.
      > >
      > >I only wonder what could be causing this. I am careful to save
      > >all my files and click "Exit" when I have finished a work
      > >session. Boy, was I disappointed to see blank windows on opening
      > >today, just one day after having undergone the whole correction
      > >process in a fresh start. I have so much work invested with this
      > >program that I am very reluctant to change to another.
      > If you mean that the same files that were open when you exited
      > did not reopen, then you probably do not have the feature checked
      > to "Reload Open Documents" in the View | Options | General tab.

      No, I close all the files (the html pages of my web site) first before
      exiting, so that when I leave, all that is on the screen is the
      NoteTab Pro program as I have optioned it (the color of the blank
      working window as I set it and the library of choice in the left
      frame, etc.). Then when I come back to work again the next day, all
      the library-of-choice shortcuts to formatting stuff I have previously
      docked in the left frame (for example, the list of html operations) is
      missing--that window is blank, and I cannot find a way to retrieve it.
      I know of no other way to explicitly explain my plight. I will try the
      toggle of F4 and the "NotePro.ini" things. My files have always been
      okay. I just do not have the quick-click helps that one uses NoteTab

      > It is hard for me to tell exactly what you are talking about when
      > you say "blank windows." I don't know where you are talking
      > about.
      > Happy Tab'n,
      > Jody Adair
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      > NoteTab FAQ: http://www.notetab.net/faq/ntb
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