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[NTB] Re: Unable to associate file types with Note Tab Pro

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  • caltex1949
    ... All I see available in the Association tab is a list of associated file types and the ability to add or remove them. I didn t see anything about removal
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 5, 2005
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Jody <kjv-av1611@e...> wrote:
      > ...Did you try all the removal of the installed trials, Light,
      > etc. in NoteTab's Association tab?

      All I see available in the Association tab is a list of associated
      file types and the ability to add or remove them. I didn't see
      anything about removal of installed apps. Adding or removing file
      types in this tab has no effect.

      > Did you use that same tab to associate NoteTab in your
      > current version?

      Yes. No effect.

      > Did you try reinstalling?

      Many times--always uninstalling NoteTab Pro before reinstalling. I
      tried a "compact" install once to see if that made a difference, but
      it did not. Each time I install, the NoteTab icon listed in \Control
      Panel\Add or Remove Programs\ is the "unins000.exe" icon labeled as
      "NoteTab Pro (Remove only)" rather the NotePro.exe icon--both of which
      are found in the NoteTab Pro Program Files folder. I have deleted the
      "ntp495full.exe" installer and downloaded another copy to see if that
      makes a difference, but it does not.

      > If all that was done and you sign up for the off topic list I
      > can walk you trough editing the system registry. That is a
      > last resort option.

      I'm not really computer savvy enough to know for sure, but I'm really
      not too keen on making adjustments to my system registry for just one
      application that I use half as much as many others. I work from home
      as a consultant and my livelihood depends on my computer being up and
      productive. My fear is that changes that might get NoteTab working
      properly might have insidious affects on other applications.

      > You really should use NoteTab's Association tab in View
      > Options, so that if you uninstalled NoteTab (using the correct
      > uninstall procedures...

      At various times I have used both "Add or Remove Programs" in the
      Control Panel and the "unins000.exe" file in the Program Files folder.
      Both have rendered the same results.

      > ...it will return you to the last settings you had for the file
      > types you associate with NoteTab.

      Each time after I uninstall and then reinstall, even if I have
      previously associated file types in the Association tab, the list is
      empty. I do remember that after the first install of Pro and the
      subsequent uninstalls of the Standard and Pro Trial versions, I
      noticed that files that displayed the standard NoteTab white cross on
      red field icons immediately before the uninstalls, were defaulting to
      a generic icon immediately after the uninstalls. Since then, the
      icons are of whatever application was at the top of the "Recommended"
      list after I have attempted to associate files using the right click
      "Open As" function.

      > ...See the footers for signing up on the Off Topic list or go to
      > http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm

      As stated, if the purpose of signing onto the Off Topic list is to
      edit the system registry, I think I will hold off on that unless I am
      totally wrong about the possibility of adverse affects to my computer.

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