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Re: [NTB] Mac Support

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  • Jody
    Hi Linda, If you reply, please do so on the off topic list or at Jody@Fookes.com TIA More... ... I m sorry, but we don t have any software that will run
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2005
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      Hi Linda,

      If you reply, please do so on the off topic list or at
      Jody@... TIA More...

      >Been a notetab pro user for years and love it. I'm thinking
      >about moving from a pc to a mac. Will notetab work on macs? If
      >not does anyone know of a comparable program that will. I love
      >this program and would hate to give it up. Thanks, Linda

      I'm sorry, but we don't have any software that will run directly on
      a MAC system. We have heard our programs run well on a MAC using
      emulator programs like Virtual PC. In short, anything that can run
      the standard PC Windows installations will run our software. It is
      strictly for your everyday run of the mill desktop and laptop PCs
      with the basic Windows installations.

      IMO, anybody that owns a MAC should get a good Windows emulator
      so that they can run Windows software. The better software
      feature-wise and a much larger selection is Windows based.

      From what I can gather BBEdit (BB Edit ?) is the text editor for
      MAC machines and I've been told it doesn't even get in the same
      class as NoteTab to be considered to be compared and is quite
      expensive. I think the Virtual PC (and there may be cheaper ones)
      is the best route to take, because you can run most, if not all
      your favorite Windows software with it).

      Happy Tab'n,
      Jody Adair

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