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Re: [NTB] printing problem

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  • hsavage
    ... Jae, I don t know if you intentionally replied to my email address and not the notetab list, but that s what you did so I ll try to respond. I ve been
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 18, 2005
      Jae wrote:
      > i'm having this same issue with text i CREATE in notetab. The only
      > change i made was now i use a different printer...a canon pixima,
      > rather than am old lexmark. Now all my text dissapears on printing--
      > runs off the side of the page as others have said.
      > What's so difficult about just correcting the print glitch? why would
      > i purchase this program when such a simple thing can't be fixed? I
      > love this program otherwise, but lately, this problem has made me
      > just go back to notepad.
      > this is not a small matter...why should i have to download a 3rd
      > party print program?


      I don't know if you intentionally replied to my email address and not
      the 'notetab' list, but that's what you did so I'll try to respond.

      I've been using NoteTab for quite a while and have, in fact, never used
      the built-in print routine, other than once or twice for test purposes,
      as now. The reason being the self-admitted shortcomings of the built-in

      I have always used Txtprint and don't feel I've sacrificed anything by
      downloading a 3rd party print utility.

      Apparently you don't use clips much or you wouldn't be willing to
      continue using NotePad. The inconvenience of switching between the 2
      editors is much greater than the inconvenience of downloading Txtprint.

      We would all like to see requested improvements in NoteTab and
      eventually, I think, we will. In the meantime NoteTab offers so much
      more in the way of text manipulation and with template and outline
      functionality along with html page building no other single text editor
      is very close, at least, none I've downloaded and tried to use.

      Thus far, this has been a personal view, now back to the printing problem.

      I know nothing of the 'Canon Pixima' you reference but I have used
      Canon, Lexmark, Epson and Hewlett-Packard models, all dot-matrix except
      the Lexmark and it is a laser and all did a great job of printing, with
      the 3rd party utility.

      I did try a quick test with the built-in routine with a temporary
      document with some very long lines. Since I am not very familiar with
      the print routine I looked at all the tabs in the dialog window.

      Under the 2nd tab, 'Margins' the first setting is type of measurement,
      inches, centimeters and pixels, the second place you can change a
      setting is directly to the right of that and it is 'Wordwrap, check or

      On my 'HP all-in-one' printing a page with Wordwrap unchecked gave me
      the result you describe, long lines truncated at the right margin. With
      Wordwrap checked it printed normally. You might check that setting and
      give it another try, it's possible your setting might be unchecked.

      If you reply, you should reply to the NoteTab group address, many more
      users will see it and may be able to offer more experienced suggestions
      than I.

      hrs > hsavage@...
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