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Re: [NTB] Can toolbar work like a menubar?

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  • Jody
    Hi Jacob, ... Yes, but you may need to be a bit more specific. I posted two Clips on the Clips list. You need to sign up on that list to discuss Clips. ... You
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 12, 2005
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      Hi Jacob,

      >I like to have dropdown menubars like cheatsheets.
      >Using clips to launch them as I need. And each menu item
      >executes some codes as I wish.
      >Is it possible?

      Yes, but you may need to be a bit more specific. I posted two
      Clips on the Clips list. You need to sign up on that list to
      discuss Clips.

      ------------ Discussion Mailing Lists at YahooGroups ------------

      You may sign up for the different discussion mailing lists from
      either of the links below. Please take a minute or two to read
      the following first though. It really helps the lists run much
      smoother. TIA

      _Please_ read the following to see what list to send messages to
      and some basic guidelines to follow. It is very important to keep
      the lists running efficiently, getting faster replies, getting
      replies from the best qualified/expert people, searching archives,
      and other things as well.

      - Use a descriptive Subject: line to begin with! This is important!
      Newbie Needs Help and similar Subject lines should be changed
      immediately to an appropriate Subject such as:

      Files Keep Opening When I Open NoteTab (was Re: [NTB] Newbie Needs Help)
      Basic Help With Web Pages (was Re: [NTB] Help)
      Need Clip to Reformat HTML <head>...</head> (was Re: [Clip] Need Clip)

      - Messages should be referred/redirected to the appropriate lists such as
      Clip questions to the Clips list, HTML to that list. You can copy the
      sender of say a Clips question and send your reply to the Clips list.
      Or, Reply and Cc: the Clips list stating you will Reply on the Clips list.

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      reply - strip footers, and extra text that is not needed.

      - If the content of the messages change drastically from the Subject
      line, please change the Subject line or start a new Subject with
      the same message body of the last message received that you are
      replying to and changing the Subject. Don't forget to leave
      the original Subject in like: Re: [NH] Frames Using CSS (was How do
      I blockquote?) for people that are using filters and so the same
      message thread can be followed easier.

      - Discussion of software other than Fookes Software is only allowed
      on the Off-Topic list and encouraged! Feel free to recommend
      competitive software on the Off-Topic list as well. When replying
      say from the Basic List and it needs to go to the Clips list,
      then send it there and copy the poster in a private message to
      the person you are wanting to help letting them know you moved it
      to the Clips list. They can sign up for it via the bottom of
      every [NTB] message or go to http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm

      - Keep the conversation clean; all age groups are on the list and
      cussing/cursing offends many people! TIA :)

      + WHICH LIST to post on???

      If you sign up for any of the discussion lists, please *_do not_*
      post questions about NoteTab *Clips* and other scripting languages
      (such as *RegExp*, PERL, etc.) on the NoteTab Basic list. Use the
      Clips or Scripts list for them.

      More difficult tasks should be posted on the Clips or Scripts
      lists. HTML should be posted on the ntb-HTML list and off topic
      discussion takes place on the ntb-OffTopic list. The MailBag
      Assistant, Easy Thumbnails, Easy Imager, and Album Express lists
      are for discussion of those programs.

      The most important thing to remember is please leave the NoteTab
      Basic list for the *_very basic_* use of NoteTab. The other lists
      are a lot more flexible, for instance: Clips and RegExp can be
      used and are welcomed on the HTML list. Thanks!!!

      Discussion mailing list subscribing and un-subscribing:

      If you are already signed up for the NoteTab Basic list, there are
      links in the YahooGroups footer to get to the Clips and Off Topic

      ---------- End Discussion Mailing Lists at YahooGroups ----------

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page
      Useful Libraries and Clips for NoteTab: http://www.notetab.net

      Fookes Software Home Page via Jody'$ affiliate link:
      http://www.fookes.us ;) Thank$

      Export messages from many popular mail programs to other formats!
      http://www.fookes.us/aid4mail (A hot item! It's a must have tool
      for eMail conversion and archiving and compress. Make really neat
      CDs using the MHT format for browsers.

      Happy Tab'n,
      Jody Adair

      NoteTabbers Assistant Page Sojourners Software
      http://www.notetab.net http://www.sojourner.us/software
      http://www.fookes.us http://www.clean-funnies.com
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