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Re: [NTB] Word wrap not working

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  • Jody
    Hi uncle, NoteTab Standard/Light does not have real time word wrap (like Pro) when you have Wrap to Column checked. You need to keep clicking on Update
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 9, 2005
      Hi uncle,

      NoteTab Standard/Light does not have real time word wrap (like
      Pro) when you have "Wrap to Column" checked. You need to keep
      clicking on Update Column Wrap, or something like that under the
      Modify or Document menu. There's probably an icon for the Toolbar
      for it.

      IMO, the way to resolve the hassle, is to take it out of Wrap to
      Column, and just use the regular Word Wrap. If you want your
      lines split after that, then there's a number of things you can

      The following is detailed information about formatting text. It
      was inserted into this message by using NoteTab's PasteBack Clip
      feature (from my FAQ) :-) (See Help | NoteTab Glossary for
      terminology you do not understand.

      Select All the text (Ctrl+A) you want to add hard line
      breaks to and then use the Split Lines tool. It will add the hard
      breaks (cr/lf or the keyboard Enter) to the document. When using
      Word Wrap or Wrap to Column the lines get a soft wrap in them.
      The hard line breaks at the end of the line give it a hard wrap
      and is retained wherever you copy/paste or open it in.

      Everybody formats differently. I would at least put the
      following on your Toolbar: Join Lines, Split Lines, Reformat
      Lines..., all the case tools listed under Modify | Text Case, E-
      Mail quote and unquote, spell-checker, Replace dialog, and
      anything else you might think of dealing with formatting text.
      (See View | Options | Toolbar and Shortcuts for the tools.)

      Try these two Libraries for formatting text. Perhaps you can get
      a few you like.


      The following deals with the long/short line syndrome: Join
      Lines, Reformat Lines, Wrap to Column.

      Reformat Lines under the Modify can give you a long/short line
      effect if you are giving it a right margin that is longer than
      your document edit window's width. The reason is when you use the
      Reformat tool it completely strips all the hard line breaks (CR/LF
      or the NoteTab token ^p) from the paragraphs and then splits each
      line at the column that you specify in the dialog box. So, if
      your document edit window is at about 70 characters wide *and* you
      have word wrap *on* and you split the lines at 80 characters the
      line will *word wrap* at about 70 columns leaving about 10
      characters wrapped to the next line. The reason only 10 or so
      characters will be there is because at about 80 characters NoteTab
      put the hard line break in. Press Ctrl+W and you will see the
      short lines wrap up to the longer ones above. I used "about at"
      so many characters, because it depends on where a whole word falls
      on how close it will be split, up to 80 columns above.

      One of the disadvantages of the Reformat Tool is the long/short
      line effect especially when distributing your work elsewhere
      because you do not know what settings the end user will have set.
      Another is, NoteTab will join *all* the lines together in one
      paragraph that do not have a blank line following them. So, if
      you have a list of items that are numbered or the like one line
      after each other, they will all be joined and then split at where
      you specified. You need to select different sections of the
      document at a time.

      When you Join Lines or using the Reformat tool, all lines that are
      not double spaced will be joined to each other. Be careful when
      doing whole documents looking out for lists of things. If Join
      Lines or the ReFormat Lines tool is used on the following:

      1. NoteTab Pro
      2. NoteTab Std
      3. MailBag Assistant
      4. Album Express
      5. Screen Savers

      NoteTab would join the lines so that the following would be the
      new format and most likely not what you want:

      1. NoteTab Pro 2. NoteTab Std 3. MailBag Assistant 4. Album Express 5. Screen Savers

      (Additionally, there would be a hard line break in the above line
      at the column you specified in the ReFormat Lines tool.)

      There is also Wrap to Column under the Document Properties menu.
      If the lines are not joined before you use it, you can also get a
      long/short line effect. Let's say the line are already hard
      wrapped at 78 and then you set column wrap to 70 you will end up
      with 70 & 8 character lines, or in the neighborhood thereof. You
      want to use Join Lines first if you are in that situation. On a
      side note, if you wrap to say column 78 and then open it in
      another editor or program the text will not be wrapped at 78. Wrap
      to Column use a soft wrap like word wrap. If you want to split
      the lines at 78 in this case select all (Ctrl+A) the text and use
      the Split Lines tool. That will enter the hard line breaks needed
      to retain the column width you desire.

      >I have been using Note Tab Standard for as while now and have
      >encountered a problem. It did not show up until now.
      >When I am typing a document the line keeps going on and on even
      >though I have it set for 75 characters. I checked the properties
      >and it shows my setting of 75 and word wrap as active. I have
      >tried checking and unchecking wordwrap and also the ascci setting
      >but nothing helps.
      >I never had to use hard returns at the end of every line before.
      >It breaks my concentration and makes writing very difficult.
      >What am I doing wrong? Could something have changed?

      Happy Tab'n,
      Jody Adair

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